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IDC August 2007

Aug 2007 – Instructor Development Course / Instructor Exam Pattaya August 2007 brought 7th PADI Diving Instructor Development Course to Mermaids Career Development Center. The Dive Instructor Examination is immediately after. Staffing the IDC we had Desi, Iain and Russell. Mermaids had 11 divers for…

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IDC July 2007

PADI IDC and Dive Instructor Examination – July 2007 100% Pass! The PADI Dive Instructor Examiners have a tough job. They are regionalized and work tirelessly traveling their areas to examine and allow the certification of the guys and gals that make the grade to…

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IDC June 2007

Scuba Diving Instructor Class – June 2007 Mermaids PADI Career Development Center (CDC) Pattaya, Thailand offered 12 Candidates for the PADI Scuba Diving Instructor Examination and all 12 passed – with flying colours. The new PADI dive instructors are: (left to right): Oyvind, Mark, Dave,…

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IDC May 2007

Instructor Development Course and PADI IE Pattaya May 2007 May 2007 and more PADI action. Trustee PADI Course Director Russell Martin supported by PADI Staff Desi, IDC Staff instructors Crowley, Slinky and Derek ran the Diver Instructor Development Course with great success. Pattaya has realized…

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IDC April 2007

April – Dive Instructor Development Course and Instructor Examination in Pattaya – 13 new scuba instructors! April 8th saw the conclusion of the 3rd IDC/IE in Pattaya, Thailand in 2007. The dive instructors that passed today have been working towards this achievement for many months.…

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IDC March 2007

PADI Instructor Examination Pattaya Thailand – March 2007 Pattaya, Thailand has a PADI Instructor Development Course and PADI Instructor Exam approximately The divers on the March Instructor Examination did well. A 100% pass rate was achieved with 10 candidates making 10 new PADI scuba diving…

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IDC January 2007

PADI Instructor Development in January 2007 – Pattaya Thailand The first Instructor Development Course in Pattaya, Thailand for 2007 and a great result. The PADI Instructor examination allowed for 16 new PADI scuba diving instructors to be certified. The divers were Alex, Barney, Ben, Bob,…

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IDC December 2006

Instructor Development in December 2006 – Pattaya Thailand This December saw the last Instructor Examination of 2006 and what a way to go out. 100% pass rate on the IE with top scores throughout all skills. A very strong group of 13 indeed. The scuba…

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IDC November 2006

PADI Instructor Development Course / IE November 2006 November 2006 and that time of the month for a PADI Instructor Development Course followed by the PADI Instructor Examination here in Pattaya, Thailand. With approximately 11 PADI examinations in Pattaya annually it is very convenient for…

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IDC September 2006

IDC and IE Pattaya Thailand – September 2006 September brought a very good PADI scuba diving Instructor Development Course (IDC) with 5 new PADI instructors after passing their exams and watermanship skills tests. The instructors worked very hard towards this goal over several months and…

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