Cost of living in Pattaya and Jomtien Thailand

Cost of Living in Pattaya

Approximate costs of day to day living expenses in Pattaya, Thailand

For interns (dive professional trainees), Pattaya can be extremely in-expensive indeed. You’ll get a very good meal every time on the boat and also the diver accommodation in Pattaya is included within the price of the dive internship. Please find below some of the additional expenses that you might incur when here for duration. Everyday living expenses.

A budget of 20,000+ Thai baht will be enough per person, per month, to live on. This will cover the basics and offer a little social life with the training. An idea of a few local costs would be:


is VERY in-expensive in Thailand. It’s approximately 3 Kms from the dive shop and intern accommodation into Pattaya town. Believe me this is good. Pattaya is VERY much fun but it’s nice to go into the action when you wish rather than stay there 24/7. Our accommodation is in the quiet part of town. To travel this 3 Kms is 20 Thai baht. Transport is becoming cheaper here – even internal flights due to promotions (brought on by mass competition) are ridiculously cheap. If you fancy a little break during study, to fly about 250 Km’s north to Udon Thani (a nice retreat) is only 600 Thai baht these days. No more sitting for years on buses. (Some of the budget airlines – Nok Air Thailand – Air Asia – Orient Thai Airways –  Fly One 2 Go Thailand – Tiger Airlines – to name but a few). All of the budget airlines allow for all parts of Thailand to be reached for rather less than a half an hour taxi ride in the west.


is going to play a major part – as eating is something that we have to do – like it or not 🙂 Bear in mind, as stated, that when you are on the boat you get a meal and a very good one at that. If I eat well one time each day it’s on the dive boat. Thai food is very inexpensive and you can expect to pay 30 + per meal from a road side vendor or around 60+ Thai baht for similar dishes in restaurants.. Even if you fancy a Burger or something western at times you’ll be looking about 100 Thai baht per meal. Eating from the street carts is both clean and tasty. Once you have got in to that your bills will decrease – having said that your appetite might increase as the food is good! A very nice western meal in a restaurant will cost approx 200+ Thai baht.. 


I travel around Thailand a lot for certain things and I must say that this is one country that I never really worry too much if I have left anything behind. As long as I have my house and motorcycle keys, my wallet and my laptop – there’s no problem. If I get short of clothes, I simply buy some. So many people insist on bringing out entire wardrobes of clothes. This is not necessary as when on the boat you’ll only be wearing a wetsuit, shorts and a T-shirt all day. And also most people’s wardrobes are not really suited to the climate here. For $100 or under you can kit yourself up with an entire and APPROPRIATE wardrobe of clothes. T-Shirts and Shirts are about 150+ Thai baht. Jeans or Shorts about 300+ Thai baht, sandals are similar in cost. Even if you bring all of the clothes that you want – you’ll still end up buying more over a 6 month period but do not worry about the cost of this venture.


Regarding personal hygiene, toothpaste, soap and de-odorant etc is slightly less expensive than the Western world. Boots the Chemist and 7-11 are all here in abundance. You usual favorites in toothpaste and deodorants here can be gained as usual for slightly less.


If you wish to go out on the town and listen to some live music or enjoy a few drinks with other interns etc then it is far from an expensive night out. Orange juices and cokes cost approximately the same as one beer (certainly orange juices). A premium bottled beer is approximately 45+ Thai baht (Heineken etc).


Other entertainment is still very cheap. For a seat at the cinema it’s approximately 120 baht per person. If you include your popcorn and coke look at paying around 250 baht all in. The cinemas in Thailand are of Western Quality with great sound and setting also.


As mentioned a meal is very cheap but if you fancy dining out for a special occasion look at spending about $20 for two people – drinks on top. Many places in Pattaya (the Captain’s corner being one) have buffets of all you can eat for approximately $7. These are extremely good value, set in a lovely atmosphere and when you taste the food – well…the value becomes even better.


There are many gardens and pubs that have live music that you can enjoy of an evening and again a beer will cost 45 baht+.


A walk along the beach of an evening watching the sunset if FREE of course.


You might consider renting a little motor scooter by the month whilst here. Malai our super secretary deals with this as the demand is high. They are approximately $65 for the month. Fuel is extra but believe me even with the increases in the world right now it’s still very good value. Having a rental motorcycle in Pattaya will not only save money on the buses but also be a lot more convenient – door to door travel. Most of the guys and gals have them here as it allows them to shoot off to the unexplored parts and distant beaches etc as well as being convenient for a quick trip to the shops etc. If you do not care to rent a motorbike by the month then they are for rent at approx 150 baht or $4 per day.  


is very cheap with email. There are hundreds of internet Cafes all over Jomtien and Pattaya that can accommodate you. The cost in most is 1 baht per minute and hence works out to be $2 per hour. If you have a laptop then emails can be written on this and then saved to disk – they can then be sent in minutes costing on cents. There is internet in the Mermaids hotel that all of the interns use for free.


The local paradise island is Koh Larn and even though very close to the bay it never gets busy. The ferries leave every 20 minutes from Pattaya Pier and the journey takes 45 minutes. The cost is around 40 baht. Once on the island you can catch a motorbike or car over the big hill to Laem Thong Bay (or Golden Bay) for about 40 baht one way), this is a truly wonderful day out. Snorkel and see the corals and small sharks (NOT dangerous) under the rocks. When I have free time I grab my mask, snorkel and fins and hop over to the island for the day. Take a pack lunch or buy a meal for 50 baht or so and have a complete day out.


are in abundance. We have local temples, zoos, elephant farms, parks, beaches – there really is much to see. With the aid of a little personal transport, all make a good day or many days out.

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