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DAN Neurological Assessment

DAN – On-site Neurological Assessment for Divers

On-Site Neurological Assessment for Scuba Diving Injuries DAN course

DAN Neurological Assessment Training & Education

On-Site Neurological Assessment for Scuba Diving InjuriesOn-Site Neurological Assessment DAN courses Pattaya Thailand. Approximately two-thirds of scuba divers with decompression illness have evidence of damage to the nervous system. These tell-tale signs are often vague and can go unrecognized by the diver initially. This can cause them to be dismissed as insignificant or not dive-related. Here at Mermaids Diving Career Centre Pattaya, Thailand we like to have all our divers as safe as possible and like to operate the DAN courses.

The DAN Neurological Assessment course at Mermaids focuses on how to obtain essential information about a scuba diver involved in an emergency. The course shows what information to relay to emergency medical services and how to sustain life as best as possible during the wait for EMS.

Only medical professionals should diagnose medical conditions. The information you gather while performing a neurological assessment will be useful to help the dive physician understand the extent of the injury. It will give them information on how condition has changed in the time it took to get the diver from the dive site to definitive care. This is essential information for any aware scuba diver.

Neurological Assessment Course Content:

  •  Review of Decompression Illness
  •  Purpose of Neurological Assessments
  •  Taking on-site history
  •  Vital Signs
  •  Mental function
  •  Cranial Nerves
  •  Motor Function (Strength)
  •  Sensory Function
  • Balance and Coordination

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Mermaids Dive Career Development Centre Pattaya, Thailand offer all DAN training courses on your schedule with a little notice. Mermaids offer all DAN courses in house through our own DAN instructors. Divers Alert Network can be seen here

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