PADI Deep Diving Specialty Training in Pattaya Thailand

PADI Deep Diver Specialty Training

PADI Deep diver course gets you diving deeper

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty course offers you the opportunity of a lifetime – going deep to see thing others can only dream about. Diving deep for the sake of it is not fun but this will open your world to new and exciting dives such as on ship wrecks, holes and deeper reefs. There are certain dives that cannot be dived unless you possess the minimum of an Advanced certification such as the Hardeep shipwreck here in Samesan, Pattaya, Thailand. with the PADI deep diver certification this will not only give you the additional skills to dive deeper but provide you with the additional dive safe confidence that is necessary. Pattaya is a perfect training ground for the deep diving program with good depths for training just off of Pattaya bay and the Near Islands.

What do I need to start the PADI deep dive training?

  • Be a certified PADI Adventure Diver or higher (or qualifying certification from another organization).
  •  Minimum age: 15 years old.
  •  Possess the PADI Deep-Pak – available at Mermaids dive centre.
  • Hold a strong desire to get to some of the most awesome dive sites. Here in Pattaya you’ll need to be a good deep diver to be able to dive the Hardeep, Samesan.

Your PADI Deep Diver instructor at Mermaids will take you through the academics of the deep diver course. There is a lot to consider and learn. Self study from the book is required and there is a test/exam to take – this is not too challenging but really opens your eyes to the further considerations to be made when diving deeper. To be honest the course content is very much common sense but it certainly heightens your awareness to the potential hazards of deep scuba diving and how to easily avoid these. Being certified as a PADI Deep diver you’ll be able to experience a lot more dive sites around the world.

What will I do during the PADI Deep Diver training?

  • You’ll learn deep dive planning, organisation and procedures
  • Covering techniques and hazards.
  • You’ll also put this knowledge to the test as you go on four open water dives that range from 18 – 40 metres / 60 – 130 feet.
  • You’ll be set some challenges and tasks underwater at depth to display just how different it is to shallow diving.
How long is the PADI deep diver training?

  •  Recommended Course Hours: 24 complete study time
  •  Minimum Open Water Training: four dives over two days.

The training can be two consecutive days or split up depending on your schedule.

Other PADI specialty training listed:

Mermaids Pattaya, Thailand offer a full range of PADI Specialty courses on your schedule – allow Mermaids 1-2 days and we can operate any PADI Specialties that you require. Any dive training can be tailored to your specific requirements if you contact us. We can make a specialty package including further leisure divs to practice your new diving discipline. It is one thing to take the course but to be able to practically apply your new dive skills and knowledge is a good thing ensuring that you have them honed.

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