Silver Mermaids dive instructor internship budget package

 Diving Instructor Internship – SILVER

Diving Instructor Internship

Scuba diving SILVER instructor internship at Mermaids

The Mermaids SILVER diving instructor internship offers great value utilising all of the same resources such as boats, materials & dive  equipment to keep, training staff, cooks, lockers, hotel accommodation …. everything – there are simply no additional PADI speciality diver or specialty dive instructor courses included with the SILVER package. The SILVER package offers less courses and diving days to practice and practically apply what you have learned. The GOLD packages offer more time to hone and master all skills and knowledge gained in training. Both packages will ensure you are a hardy trained instructor that can work within the PADI guidelines and gain diving employment if that is your ultimate goal.

Cost of SILVER Diving Instructor Internship

Certification level when arriving Course Duration Price (Thai baht) I have my own equipment
Not Certified 6 months 261,446 231,476
Open Water Diver 82 days 187,476 157,476
Advanced Diver 77 days 182,476 152,476
Rescue Diver 75 days 177,476 147,476
Divemaster 42 days 152,171 122,171

Package Includes:

The SILVER diving instructor internship will still see you as the diver trained to a very high standard within the industry. Mermaids have seen our divers gain work from the SILVER training as well as the GOLD instructor training. If one is determined and pro-active then many different types of dive jobs can be gained. The SILVER training will stand you head and shoulders against any other PADI OWSI but without the specialty diving instruction areas that are offered with the GOLD of the MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Training) programs. These dive instructor specialty courses can always be taken at a later date in ones diving career. If you get directly out to work in diving as an instructor it is possible to achieve the MSDT through hard work and training of dive students. To gain the rating for MSDT a diving instructor must certify 25 students in diving and be able to teach a minimum of 5 PADI specialty diving courses. PADI Specialty instructor ratings can be applied for by a dive instructor directly to PADI.

The SILVER packages have been carefully designed in order to offer a keen prospective scuba diving professional a budget alternative to enter the industry still offering all of the training and tools that would be required for the trade. If a diver can afford the GOLD packages then it is always of benefit to have the additional time in training to hone all that has been learned and practice with buddies possible dive scenarios. It’s great fun and really solidifies the training. If the SILVER program can only be managed you shall still have a great entrance into the diving industry by gaining invaluable experience around a pro-active and busy PADI FIVE Star CDC. You’ll train along different students at different levels and oversea the dry side of the diving industry as well as in water wet activities. The SILVER package still allows you to look over instructors shoulders and get involved with all that is going on. The divers that are inquisitive and really get stuck in generally tend to gain employment much more quickly than those that are to be lead. We are lucky here at Mermaids however that matter whether the SILVER or the GOLD package is taken our divers are all professional in their approach and intend to gain dive work. This makes them as students much more attentive and indeed out jobs as dive instructors and instructor trainers much easier also.

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