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Divers Jobs Exclusive to Learn-in-Asia / Mermaids

Divers Jobs for Learn-in-Asia Mermaids Pro Divers

An exclusive deal allows many of the positions on DiversJobs to be offered to Mermaids CDC scuba dive internships divers before any one else. Divers Jobs have been in existence since the early 2000s’ gaining positions for divers. Mermaids cannot create positions of employment but as and when they are offered to we receive them to pass to the divers in training. Checkout the web site or follow TWITTER @jobs_divers to gain the latest positions. If you are in diver training with Mermaids through Learn-in-Asia then positions that are applicable to you will be offered when they become available.

Scuba Divers Jobs


Divers Jobs

Intern Up to and Including Divemaster…

About 3 days ago

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