Dive Internship Equipment Supplied with Mermaids Dive Training

Mermaids Internships Dive Equipment

Scuba “Diving Life” Dive Equipment Provided

All diving internships at Mermaids are supplied with a full set of diving equipment included within the program (unless of course you have your own set already). If you have partial dive equipment then we discount for anything that you already own.

All of the diving equipment supplied is yours to keep after the training. Consider this your own “tools of the trade” to take with you. All of the dive equipment is made by major dive manufacturers.

Included within the Internship Dive Equipment Package:

  • Buoyancy Control Device BCD – SCUBAPRO T-ONE
  • Dive Regulators: APEKS US4/AT20 Regulator and Octopus
  • Apeks SPG – Compact Pressure Gauge
  • COMPASS – Wrist Compass + Hose mount
  • COMPUTER – Suunto Zoop
  • WETSUIT – Deep Blue Short Wetsuit
  • Fins – SCUBAPRO Jet Sport
  • DIVE SLATE – Slate with quick connector
  • TORCH – Waterproof LED Torch
  • SMB – Safety Balloon
  • GEAR BAG -Mermaids Gear Bag
  • LIFT BAG – 25kg Object Lifting Bag
  • REEL – Wreck Reel 45meter
  • POCKET MASK – Pocket CPR Rescue Mask
  • DRY BAG – 10Ltr Dry Bag
  • 2 x T-SHIRTs – Mermaids Diving Life & Mermaids Dive
  • WEIGHT BUCKLE – Plastic Weight Belt Buckle
  • WEIGHT BELT – 1.4 Meter Webbing for Weight Belt
  • Snorkel – Silicone Snorkel
  • Boots – Deep Blue Boots
  • Knife – SAEKODIVE
  • Gloves – DEEP BLUE Gloves

Apeks Regulator Sets AT20 US4 with AT20 OCTOPUS

Dive Equipment supplied with Mermaids diving internship

The Apeks AT20 reg is now supplied with the US4 1st stage. The AT20/US4 regulator has been designed for warm water diving. Just because it is warm water dive equipment does not mean it is of low quality. The Apeks AT20/US4 is a very good breathing regulator featuring our venturi control and it is also balanced.

The first stage has 4 medium pressure ports. The medium pressure ports on the US4 first stage are on the body of the 1st stage itself. It now has only one high pressure port. This regulator has been finished with as much care and attention to detail as any of Apeks regulators, but is most suitable for warm water resort diving. A good quality, warm water regulator at a very good price.

Excellent value balanced octopus regulator. Good reliable performance and ideal for diving in warm waters. The AT20 second stage features venturi control.

The New Suunto Zoop Dive Computer (Nitrox enabled):

The new Suunto Zoop dive computer Packed with Full decompression capabilities: Suunto, the leading designer and manufacturer of dive computers, introduces the Suunto Zoop, ideal dive computer for recreational divers. Suunto Zoop is a great value, easy-to-use dive computer for recreational divers. Though Suunto Zoop is the choice for your first dive computer, its full decompression capabilities and nitrox mode mean it’s designed to give you years of serious fun.dive equipment included with scuba internships

Suunto Zoop – The new dive computer can be used with both air and nitrox and is designed to give the specifics of any diving situation, including decompression, at a glance.

Both ascent rate and available no-decompression time are displayed graphically with clear color coded indicators. Visual and audible alarms are given when necessary. Maximum depth and dive time alarms can be enabled.

Easy-to-use push buttons, a straightforward menu structure and a super-bright phosphorescent LCD display make Suunto Zoop really simple to operate. The Suunto Zoop can be used as wrist unit, or mount it on one of Suunto’s Combo consoles.

Using the Suunto RGBM algorithm, Suunto Zoop enables continous decompression for optimal ascent time.

The diver can test upcoming dives and view no-decompression time data for different depths before getting in the water with the built-in dive planner. When the dive is over, the diver can transfer the dive data to the computer with the Suunto Dive Manager PC software for further analysis of the dive.

BCD Scuba Pro T-1 (1000 Denier):

Characterized by simple and functional design, it has been designed to provide users with a strong and reliable tool for the most intensive uses. The choice of Scuba Pro T1 by countless diving centers is the best evidence of the success of this product, offering great value for money.

Dive equipment - BCD Mermaids diving internship equipment

The T-1 BCD is sturdy – well designed and perfect for OWSI scuba dive instruction. Designed for daily use with students this is a great BCD. Scubapro T One BCD – nothing fancy – just a basic BCD at a basic price

* Perfect jacket for beginners and rental facilities
* Hydrodynamic cut and hi-grip padding
* Heavy duty cordura 1000 exterior ensures robustness
* Soft and lightweight nylon 420 interior
* Carbon reinforced shoulders and front pocket flap areas
* Cordura colour lock: protection against sun and water exposure
* Padded cummerbund


The dive equipment that you receive will one day be your “tools of the trade” when teaching diving in tropical paradise. You will have all of the skills and the equipment ready for a scuba diving job. Mermaids internships ensure that all required for a scuba career is included.

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