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ERD Diver Teams

ERD Diver Teams – Pattaya, Thailand

The ERD (Emergency Response Diver) experience had proven to be very popular for the extremely fit. The Emergency Response Diver tests the divers wits, skills, knowledge, creativity and overall physical strength. The ERD is not diver training for the faint hearted. Some divers have used this towards an end goal of working within the industry in such capacities within the Police or Fire departments. Others used the course as a personal test of character and strength. With increasing ERD teams being trained in the experience – watch this space for the new scuba diving ERD teams from Mermaids CDC Pattaya Thailand.

ERD Mermaids Emergency Response Diver Course in Pattaya ThailandERD Team #3 – May 2006 – Lewis Lincoln and Roman Mosor



Steve Blumenthal ERD Emergency Diver TrainingERD Team #4 – July 2006

Alex & Ian. (Assisting Stephen Blumenthal and Harvey were – Colin Stuart and Andrew).

The ERD experience is not easy at all. Alex sustained a small injury from a motorbike and hence could not complete – he’ll join the next Public Safety Divers program.

Emergency Response Diver black out mask training PattayaERD Team #5 – August 2006

Justin & Michiel (Assisting Kurt Schafer and Harvey).

The ERD experience program is for the hardy – Michiel and Justin progressed with blacked out masked through some serious entanglement scenarios! It’s all good fun in the training but a very serious subject. Many emergency responder divers do not choose the conditions that they dive in. Due to this there is often dark to no visibility conditions and things in the water that can entangle a diver. Training in a pool is a very safe environment but makes the experience whilst diving blacked out no less demanding. These divers are all still working within the dive industry in different capacities (as of September 2013 – 7 years after the training).

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