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Extreme Makeover Continues: Mermaids Vehicle Edition

Extreme Makeover Continues: Mermaids Vehicle Edition

They sure are pretty! Oh, and the scuba divers aren’t bad either! The Mermaids family is traveling in style in the newly made-over divers minibuses and scuba diving kit buses. The worst kept secret in town is that if you dive with Mermaids, they will come pick you up from your hotel in comfort and style. Book today and you too can be ushered to and from the center and pier in one of these beauties.

Mermaids divers minibus Pattaya Thailand

Mermaids dive center Pattaya Thailand has a fleet of new minibuses and scuba diving equipment trucks for all of our divers. scuba dive internships and day trippers are transported to and from the hotels, pier and dive center Pattaya in style!

Mermaids Scuba Dive internship minibus Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Pier or Bali Hai as named in the mid 2000’s is just minutes from Mermaids Dive Center and Mermaids Divers Wi-fi Hotel. Scuba divers on holiday taking dive training with Mermaids will be collected in style each morning and brought to the dive center to be registered and organise for the day. The lucky divers and scuba dive internships that are staying in Mermaids Talay simply have to roll out of bed to be at the dive center. Once all administration for the diving day has been settled and equipment organised it’s off to the boats. Bali Hai is just minutes from the dive center as mentioned. Divers diving on the Hardeep Wreck, technical diving or simply pleasure diving the Samesan islands are transported in style and comfort to Samesan fishing port which is approximately 40 minutes from Mermaids dive center.

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