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Handicapped Divers Course

IAHD Handicapped Diver Course overview…

Disabled Diver Course Pattaya, Thailand

* Become a Scuba Diving Instructor for the Handicapped *

handicapped diver course in Pattaya ThailandIAHD Overview – The International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD) is a diving association which has focused on providing the means for those with physical disabilities who wish to become scuba divers.

To enable individuals with serious physical disabilities to participate in underwater activities requires competent instructors. Mermaids have competent dive instructors for all diving activities. We also have solid underwater guides, capable dive buddies, as well as training programs, standards, guidelines, materials, and member support within the IAHD. The IAHD also conducts update seminars, symposiums and attend Dive conventions. Members are kept informed of the latest information via the Handicapped Diver Course newsletters.

Since the introduction of the IAHD in April 1993, the organization has steadily grown and is today world renowned. The IAHD receives very positive responses from rehabilitation centers, diving organizations, diving instructors and the media.

The IAHD has it’s head office in the Netherlands with regional contacts in many places around the world. We have already conducted numerous programs at all levels of training, all around the world.

The Handicapped Diver Course:

  • Confined Water Diver:

Confined Water training is a certification level for use in swimming pool only. This certification is for those who enjoy the exercise and fun while scuba diving but have no desire to explore the outdoor water.

  • Open Water Handicapped Diver Course:

The O/W course provides the elementary knowledge and skills required to safely dive in an open-water environment. The course is performance based, meaning that you must show competence in both academic and water-skills requirements before becoming certified. Upon completion of the course you receive the Open Water Diver certification based upon your level of self-dependence and your ability to assist your fellow divers.

Course prerequisite:

Minimum age by course start is 12 years.
You must also submit a medical approval for diving.

  • Advanced Handicapped Diver Course:

During the Advanced Open Handicapped Diver Course is an Open Water Diver will learn more diving skills. The course focuses on open water dives and only short sessions of academics. A Minimum of 5 dives is required before certification. There are no compulsory dives. Together with your Instructor you can make your own program.

Handicapped Diver Course prerequisite:

Minimum age by course start is 12 years.
Be certified as Open Water Diver.
You must also submit a medical approval for diving.

  • Multilevel Training:

The IAHD Handicapped Divers Course uses a multilevel certification system. The safety of the diver and other divers in with him are the main focus. The Instructor will make a decision during the training.

  • Level 1: Diver may dive with any other certified diver.
  • Level 2: Diver must dive with 2 adult certified divers of whom one has completed at least the IAHD Dive Partner Training.
  • Level 3: Diver must dive with 3 adult certified divers of whom at least one must have completed the IAHD Dive Leader training or Pro-Training.

If you are a disabled person that wishes to enjoy the corals around Pattaya, Thailand or just experience the thrills of weightlessness in a pool, please feel free to contact Mermaids dive centreat Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand. We have the instructors that can assist you to dive!

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