Mermaids diving interns accommodation at the wifi hotel Jomtein

Mermaid’s Talay Hotel: Dive Intern Accommodation

Mermaids Dive Intern Accommodation Pattaya, Thailand

mermaids talay wifi hotel cheap rooms night week or monthThe scuba diving life interns accommodation is clean, self contained, convenient and comfortable. Scuba divers in the internship programs have never been so spoiled with a choice of Mermaids personal Hotel located just opposite the new Dive Center or a personal condo just along Jomtien beach. The dive hotel is new for late 2008 and with excellent rooms and location for the dive center. The condos have great gardens and large swimming pools.

The condo rooms have a fridge, double bed, Cable TV, air-conditioning, ample storage space and private bathroom with shower and toilet. Accommodations are close to the dive shop (Pattaya, Jomtien, Thailand) for convenience and there is a real sense of community there as the interns tend to train and work hard together and also socialize together. The condos are set in garden surroundings next to the beach with nice views also. The Jomtien condos are privately owned by holiday takers here in Jomtien. They loved the place so much that they purchased a 2nd home or holiday home in Pattaya. Maybe the owner comes for 1 month or 2 months in a year – we have the condo for the other 10 or 11 months for example. Due to the condos being owned by different individuals all of them are decorated slightly differently but all nice and comfortable. ADSL Wi-Fi is possible at the condos.

Free Wi-Fi internet is for ALL Divers at both dive centers also.

The Mermaids Talay hotel Jomtien is located opposite the new dive center for interns convenience. Fall out of bed and you’ll be on the doorstep of the dive facility. Each room is equipped with Cable TV, Aircon, private bathroom / shower, ample storage, double bed, vanity/work desk and fridge. Rooms have access to FREE WiFi Internet also. With the dive center and diver accommodation all in house it makes things very much simpler and easy for us to concentrate on the dive internship programs.

The scuba divers hotel has a great laundry service which is very inexpensive allowing you to have all of your clothes washed, ironed and retuned to your room for maximum convenience. Within 100 meters of the dive center and hotel there are great inexpensive restaurants, a few bars and two convenience stores (7-11 store) with all the days needs covered. Essentially your dive center, accommodation and all requirements can be found all together.

The accommodation is included within all of the internship programs offered through Mermaids Dive. Have a look at some of the pictures below:


  • (The rooms at the Mermaids wi-fi hotel can be booked for parties of divers or snorkelers (or even simply tourists) – anyone can stay at the Mermaids Talay, it’s open to the public also when rooms are available.
  • The dive intern apartments might vary slightly but they are all in the same building and of similar format.
  • Upgrades are available at any time during your stay. (Available upgrades – click here for an example of the accommodation that can be gained).
  • GUESTS are welcome to stay with you. Many people ask if friends can stay with them – of course – it is your condo!
  • If a condo is shared by 2 trainees only one pays – so it halves the rent.
  • If additional months are required the costs is approximately 6000 Thai baht per month (Exchange rate) depending on the room and the tourism season.
  • If the accommodation is not required then a 6,000 baht discount for each month that is not required is given from the program cost.
  • The accommodation is a massively convenient location for town and the dive center.
  • Mermaids Talay is the only specific Scuba Diving hotel on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand.
  • Water and Electric amenities to pay, approx $30 (1000 Thai baht) per calendar month.

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