PADI IDC Pattaya, Thailand with Mermaids

Schedule for the PADI Instructor Exams in Pattaya

2017 PADI IDC/IE Pattaya Schedule

PADI IDC Pattaya, Thailand with Mermaids

PADI IDC Pattaya

Arriving as a NON-Diver to Mermaids dive center Pattaya Thailand is not a problem at all. In fact almost 40% of our scuba diving interns that are here to change their lives and secure scuba diving work arrive with no scuba dive experience.

If you are a non diver traveling to Mermaids for the owsi padi dive instructor training over then the pro training is 7 months in length. The 7th month is 100% included – this includes diving and diver accommodation until the exams are complete.

PADI, the governing body and our diving certification agency state that a certified diver MUST be certified as a diver (open water diver) for a minimum of 6 months prior to being eligible to take the IDC (Instructor Development Course) and ultimately the PADI instructor exams.

Hence by example – If a non-diver arrives January 1st for the scuba dive training, Mermaids dive can have the diver certified to PADI Open Water by 7th of January (approximately). This means that the diver would not be eligible to take the Open Water Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) until the 7th June at the earliest. (If you look at the chart below then you shall see that this diver certified on 7th January would be eligible to take the July PADI IDC. You are NOT left in the cold but have the 7th month of the stay all included with no paying any extra.

Mermaids are lucky in the way that we have PADI Instructor Examinations almost bi-monthly almost each 6 – 8 weeks. This makes it very convenient for all to take the exams.

The 7 months of diving and dive accommodation is included within the OWSI dive program. The NON-diver will train for 6 months and then take the exams and become an instructor in the 7th month.

Please have a look below at the IDC and IE schedule for Pattaya. You shall see the start date of each PADI IDC and then the conclusion date of the PADI IE (PADI Instructor Examination). Please note that in blue you shall see the date that the diver MUST be certified in open water diving by (any diving agency such as PADI, BSAC, SSI, YMCA, ScotSAC, CMAS etc) – in order to join that particular PADI IDC. Please do just mail me if you require any assistance with this.

Mermaids 2017 PADI IDC Instructor Development Courses

Jan 08 – 09 Jan 10 – 11 Jan 13 – 23 Jan 24 – 25
Feb 27 – 28 Mar 01 – 02 Mar 04 – 14 Mar 15 – 16
May 01 – 02 May 03 – 04 May 06 – 16 May 17 – 18
June 26 – 27 June 28 – 29 July 01 – 11 July 12 – 13
Aug 28 – 29 Aug 30 – 31 Sep 02 – 12 Sep 13 – 14
Oct 30 – 31 Nov 01 – 02 Nov 04 – 14 Nov 15 – 16

Once a Mermaid diver and in the system then all diver jobs assistance is available to the job seeking diver. Whether a dive job is required immediately after passing the diving instructor examination or at a later point. Many of our intern divers have commitments after the owsi padi dive instructor training but wish to use the scuba diving job in the future – this is not a problem. Once a Mermaid Diver – always a Mermaids diver. Using the diver forum board, contacts and divers jobs (.com) Mermaids shall assist in every way to aid divers into scuba diving employment and the perfect dive job of their dreams.

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NOW Working at Mermaids!

When we decided to travel to Thailand to do an Internship, everyone said to us you must be crazy!!! Sure with an 8 month old baby, we almost thought the same thing. Choosing the right Dive School was crucial for us to make our new life work and after many ups and downs searching for the right place and at the point of almost giving up our dream we contacted PJ and within hours joined up with Mermaids. Wow, they helped us with everything including finding us a fabulous nanny and a great apartment (all this before we even arrived) We have been here 7 months and are working on our MSDT and IDC Staff.

During this time, we’ve had great advice and instruction on all of our courses and ...

Good Times Leading to a Great Career!

Hey everyone, I just want to thank you all for a great 8 months in Pattaya. When I saw the website offering a scuba diving internship in Thailand I was a bit skeptical, but I have to admit it was one of the smartest moves I have made up to this point in my life. When you consider that I had NEVER been diving before coming to Thailand, and now I am a PADI professional, it is unbelievable. The hands on training provided by mermaids staff is second to none. They went out of their way to take the time to make sure I mastered the skills necessary to become not just a competent diver, but to excel and that’s what made it so special. So thanks to all you instructors, Russell, Claus, Manx, Dave...

Repeat Offender!

This is the second time I have been to Mermaids first was to do the Divemaster course which was very good and now the second which I have just done was OWSI!! All courses a taught to a very hi in the sky standard, the Course Directors, well they are the best around that’s for sure so Hats off to you Russell and Desi!! It’s been a pleasure to be part of Mermaids and I am sure I will be back!!

Divemaster Internship

After much internet research we contacted Mermaids to inquire about a divemaster internship, we received prompt and informative replies to all our questions, we also stopped by the centre on a quick visit and after seeing the operation and diving with the mermaids staff we were sold! We came to Mermaids initially for 3 months (that was 6 months ago) and after completing our DM course, we decided to stay for open water instructor training. The training at mermaids really is fantastic and having now successfully completed our OWSI training we decided to stay just a little bit longer to become specialty instructors. Not bad considering we only ever intended to be DMs!

We’ll have to ...

OWSI/MSDT Training with Mermaids

It's been 2 years since I finally completed my OWSI/MSDT training with Mermaids (I was one of those repeat offenders that just kept coming back!!)

Having now worked in the "real world" diving industry I cannot thank the amazing crew at Mermaids enough. I believe that you offer the best diver internship going around.

Several instructors I have worked with since have completed what is billed as "zero to hero" internships yet none of them have come out of their program with the kind of hands on experience and skills that I gained working under the likes of Russell, Desi, Ian B and Slinky and the awesome support staff at Mermaids.

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