IDC in Pattaya at Mermaids - New Dive Instructors

IDC January 2012

IDC January 2012
diving instructors ready for dive careers

6 new PADI Scuba Diving Instructors

PADI Instructor Examinations for January 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand

100% Pass Rate!

Mermaids scuba diving internships have been operating since 1999 and offer the very best training to OWSI with nearly every result being a 100% pass rate. The Mermaids dive internships will train and prepare you not only to pass the PADI instructor exams but excel and begin a new career in scuba diving. The PADI diving system relies on divers participating in training and making a certain grade and skill and knowledge set in order to pass. Mermaids train over and above the level required to pass the examinations and hence the exams seem like a breeze. Mermaids offer all professional dive training in all-inclusive programs. Most of the divers above trained within a Mermaids scuba diving instructor intern program that we offer 365 days per year.

Mermaids are very lucky to be set in an area of the Gulf of Thailand that is largely unaffected by storms or adverse weather – we are pretty sheltered where we dive. Due to this we can receive divers any time of the year to begin and complete the training with no forced break within the training due to weather or other issues. We have great diving sites and dive training sites including penetrable wrecks that you can literally dive all year round. Most of the guys above inquired about the dive internships for some time and thought about their options. They decided to join Mermaids and train directly all of the way through to instructor from recreational divers. All achieved their goals and we wish them all the best success within the dive industry for work.

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