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Similans March 2005

March 2005 Similans Live-aboard Friends Trip What a dive trip!!! The March 2005 Friends Live-aboard trip lived up to the usual trips that we run – being absolutely superb. This trip we had a few of the guys form the last trip (hence the name…

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Similans October 2004

October 2004 Interns holiday I like to make several trips each year with the interns that have done well as a celebration for passing I.E’s (Dive Instructor Exams), Divemaster courses or just for the sheer fun of it. The trips can be to the Philippines…

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Similans October 2004 P2

Friends Trip October 2004 (Intern Reunion) Similans Trip October 27th 2004 – November 1st 2004…(Similan Island Diving) Attendees: Phil, Jules, Gayle, Desiree, HMS (again – yawn!), Rose, Alex “Sharkfin”, Jase Kinch, Adam & Nicki, Stu, Simon, Aine (Anya), Lucy, Lindsay, and Dee. – A very…

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Similans March 2004

Friends Trip March 2004 (Internship Reunion) Work? How can we call scuba diving the clear blue seas work? Having said that it’s nice to get away from the swimming pool sessions and the learner divers sometimes and take a trip. The “Friends Trips” as I…

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Philippines Aug 2004

Sabang, Philippines Trip – August 2004 August 2004 saw a new dive destination in the Philippines. My first time, I was eager to check this out with buddies. Invited by Ralph and Gunther of the Sabang Inn near Puerto Gallera – we had to check…

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Technical Diving Article 4

The Pain Principal – Elements of extreme dive planning Breathing Gas Selection during Dive Ascent and Descent (Article #4) In the last article in this series we looked at the dark side of breathing gas Helium and Nitrogen at great depth, and how their opposing…

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IDC Dec 2011

PADI Instructor Development Pattaya, Thailand – December 2011 The final PADI instructor development training course in Pattaya, Thailand for 2011. 5 PADI instructor candidates took the instructor training internship at Mermaids and entered the PADI instructor 2 day tests at the termination of their training.…

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IDC Oct 2011

PADI Instructor Examinations October 2011 – Pattaya, Thailand October 2011 – the penultimate Instructor Development course of the year. Congratulations to Nicky and Matt that assisted with the IDC and passed their PADI Staff Instructor training. Mermaids IDC was well staffed with Platinum Course Director…

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IDC Sept 2011

PADI Instructor Examinations September 2011 – Pattaya, Thailand The seven divers that passed the PADI Diving Instructor Examinations with flying colours worked hard towards their goal! With effort comes the reward and all deserved the PADI qualification! David and Andrea passed the PADI Staff Instructor…

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Technical Diving Article 3

The Pain Principle -Elements of extreme dive planning ‘Nitrogen, Helium and other hard drugs of the deep Just like the properties of oxygen discussed in the previous article in this series, Nitrogen and Helium have some curious properties that make them both useful and deadly…

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