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One To One Personal Instruction

One To One Personal Instruction

One To One – Personal Dive Instruction

One To One dive training at Mermaids thailandOne to one personal scuba dive instruction has always been offered on request from Mermaids CDC (Diver Career Development Center), Pattaya, Thailand through all regular PADI courses. It is just time that we advertised the fact that this individual dive tuition is available.

Dive students come in all shapes and sizes with different expectations, demands and goals from their diver training. Mermaids only have one goal in mind – to safely bring out the very best diver possible from within that person. Mermaids are widely known throughout the recreational dive industry for it’s thoroughness in training. We’ll extend the helpful hand to you also.

Many divers like to study in groups having peers to share ideas with and train in dive skills. The instructor always heads the groups with direct supervision and training but another student can be the buddy for the training exercise. This lends itself to a lot of fun and indeed a lot to speak about with new found friends after the diving day is done.

A usual group size is THREE – FOUR students per dive instructor and dive master

Other trainee divers prefer individual one-to-one personal tuition from a diving instructor and this is also fine and very much fun. Reasons for one-to-one tuition differ from initial shyness, or simply problems areas that the diver feels that they will benefit from having an instructor with undivided attention assist with. What ever the reason; it is fine for us to organise this and get you your individual instruction organised.

Some PADI diver courses such as the PADI Rescue diver program cannot be realistically run with just two persons: the Instructor and the Student. For example, there are scenarios where an unconscious diver in the water (below the surface and on the surface) needs to be rescued. The dive instructor cannot be the “victim” as well as your instructor assessing and guiding your skills on the course. In these instances a buddy in the group would usually assist or a Divemaster would play the role. If one-to-one tuition is required then we simply have another diver or other divers assist for these areas but the instructor will still be 100% available for the student. Mermaids offer this to all in a way to show you that you cannot get smaller class sizes any where:)

Mermaid’s CDC Pattaya Thailand wishes to provide the very best dive training for students. If you have a demand for 1-2-1 scuba tuition it is our pleasure to offer this on request. Whether this is for one dive course or through the PADI system – the choice is yours and we wish for you to feel comfortable. It is rare that we are asked for single instructor training but when we have the divers have always joined the rest of the group on the next course scheduled together.

Which ever way that you feel the dive training is required to make you as the diver as as comfortable in the water as possible – Mermaids shall strive to provide. It is very important that we build a solid foundation on your skills and knowledge as we go and not rush through anything. We have a lot of time on our side. Our goal is to successfully train you to be the best possible professional diver and achieve dive work. Your scuba diving career starts here!

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