New Mermaids Dive Centre Pattaya Thailand

Mermaids New Dive Centre Innovates Pattaya Diving

Dive Centre Pattaya Thailand

NEW Mermaids Dive Centre

In line with the 10th anniversary of the scuba diving internships conceived by Mermaids Dive Centre (Career Development Centre) Pattaya, Thailand an incredible new dive center has been created to celebrate and take the diver programs to a new level.

Mermaids Jomtien have always been a fore-running dive centre in the area with its’ long history, excellent safety record, diverse diver services and personally created diving internships. Mermaids earned a great reputation in the dive industry for creating the dive training format that divers require an not copying from any other programs. Industry famous divers and dive professionals have trained with Mermaids and many ‘world’s firsts’ have occurred at the center. At Mermaids creation we had the world’s once youngest PADI Course Director. In 2008 Mermaids saw 2 new Course Directors that had taken all of their training through Mermaids – one is the world’s first wheel chair using PADI Course Director. The first scuba dive internships were conceived and created at Mermaids in 1999. To keep in line with all, Mermaids new dive center is a world class state of the art dive facility raising the bar in Pattaya.
The new facility allows us to stock the widest selection of dive equipment in the area covering excellent scuba brands. All mainstream suppliers of dive equipment are available from Scubapro / UWatec, AquaLung, Suunto, Beauchat, OMS, SeacSub, Sea Quest, PADI, Bauer, Pinnacle, PSI, DeepBlue, US Divers, Aladdin computers, UW Kinetics, Sea & Sea, Spare Air, Immersion, SeaDoo, Halcyon – the list goes on.

Mermaids Whitehouse Dive Centre in Jomtien will remain the sturdy diver centre that it is with classrooms and operations running alongside the new dive center. With having been housed in the center for nearly 15 years it’s got a fair amount of sentimental value:) The area is very friendly also and many of our divers like the atmosphere on Soi Whitehouse.

The new Mermaids dive centre is located in a massively convenient location opposite the New Mermaids Talay Hotel – a 37 room private Wi-Fi Hotel specifically for Mermaids scuba diving interns. The immediate area has some great restaurants, and 7-11 convenience stores. The area is all Wi-Fi enabled for people wishing to stay on touch.

All 4 levels of the huge building are Mermaids new center comprising of:

  • Scuba Equipment Retail area (the likes of previously unknown in the area).
  • Equipment Technician Area.
  • Fully equipped tank pumping station with Enriched Air.
  • Changing room and toilets.
  • 4 spacious and very modern classrooms.
  • Huge stock area for equipment and materials.
  • Chill Out area for divers with Wi-Fi Internet and loads of room to work and study.

The scuba equipment retail area is wonderfully laid out over 1.5 floors. Having large stocks of equipment in the new area and stock area, Mermaids supply a lot of the local industry in materials. Below are a few pictures of a small part of the retail area – they open in a pop-up window.


Mermaids new classrooms are superb. Being airy with loads of natural light they are quite the study location.

There are 2 smaller classrooms and two large diving classrooms. One of the larger classrooms can be divided into two rooms creating 5 classrooms in the new dive centre. 32″ flat screen TV’s are all hooked up to computers for PADI presentations and learning guides.

Of course the classrooms all gain the WiFi Internet access for the divers use.



The new scuba dive centre is located opposite the Mermaids Talay hotel and in an area that is very convenient indeed. 20 meters from the door step there are several superb yet very inexpensive restaurants. Two 7-11 convenience stores on the door step allow for your immediate supplies to be taken care of. 7-11 stock everything from personal hygiene products to cakes, hotdogs and other instant food products and cigarettes and drinks.

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