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Shearwater Research Dive Computers

Shearwater Research Dive Computers

Shearwater Research has announced that they are entering the recreational dive market with the launch of the Nitrox Recreational Mode for the Petrel dive computer. Mermaids have the privilege of being a Shearwater Research dealer.

Shearwater Research dive computers stockistsThrough steady R&D investments, Shearwater Research Inc. makes innovative and simple to use dive computers and rebreather electronics. Shearwater Research products are widely accepted as the world-leading technical diving and rebreather computers.

Shearwater Research is pleased and proud to introduce the all new Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer in Thailand. The size of the Petrel is about 40% smaller than the Shearwater Predator. This smaller, sleeker design has been accomplished without sacrificing the size of the large 2.4″ full Color, high resolution display.

In fact, with the Petrel’s new processing power, Shearwater has been able to make several important enhancements in the usage of the display that you will appreciate.

The second big accomplishment with the Petrel is enabling the user’s ability to choose any AA size battery including rechargeable. Battery choice ranges from the current SAFT Lithium LS14500 to standard alkaline AA such as Duracell. Dive time will of course vary depending on the battery. We are now an Authorized Shearwater Dive Computer Dealer in Thailand.

At Mermaids Dive Center, we sell Petrel OC/CC Standalone, Petrel OC/CC EXT and NERD computers.

Rugged Technical Dive Computer

  • 2.4” Full Colour HD Display
  • Air, Nitrox, Trimix
  • Single AA Battery (Any Type)

Multiple Decompression Algorithms

  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors
  • User Adjustable Conservatism
  • Open Circuit, 5 Gases
  • Closed Circuit, 5 Gases
  • Optional VPM-B
  • Gauge Mode

Simple Yet Advanced User Interface

  • 2 Button Push OC Bailout
  • Colour Coded Warnings
  • Simple to Use Adaptive Menus
  • Automatic Screen Brightness


  • Metric and Imperial
  • Flip Screen
  • Firmware Updates Via Bluetooth

Dive Logging

  • 1000 Hour Dive Log
  • Free Shearwater Desktop Software
  • Dive Log Downloads via Bluetooth
  • Third-Party Dive Log Software Compatibility

Terry Wilkins, Mermaids Operations Manager in Pattaya said: “We are very excited to be offered this dealership and we are receiving our first shipment of Petrel computers within a few weeks”.

Mermaids dive Pattaya stock a full range of diving computers and technical dive equipment. Often we have technical dive equipment tryouts of equipment or tec training overviews for divers to see what it’s all about.

Contact us at Mermaids to see what technical diving offerings we have.

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