Steve Burtoin of EasyTek Samui works with Mermaid Dive Pattaya

Steve Burton – Mermaid’s Technical Director

Since the early 80’s, Steve Burton (Mermaid PADI CDC Technical diving, dive equipment and engineering specialist) has been scuba diving and teaching more than a 1,000 students Steve drifted towards the number one love in his life – that of deep shipwreck exploration.

Steve Burton works with Mermaids dive center PattayaIn researching the techniques to explore ever deeper shipwrecks, since the mid 90’s Steve has devoted his life to encouraging a better understanding of decompression phenomena and develop safer techniques for carrying out the diving worlds most dangerous activity – that of ultra deep Trimix decompression diving.

Steve’s investigations have lead to the introduction of a new, safer method of carrying out decompression dives by following a ‘The Combined Decompression Model’ CDM-18 that accurately identifies flaws in previous decompression dive time / depth profiles and gas selection choices. A key feature of the CDM-18 being lower decompression stress and a new gas switching protocol that prevents the decompression diver suffering debilitating type III DCS hits during gas switches from Tri-mix to Nitrox.

The man is a shear genius and legend in his field and you will be rubbing shoulders with him daily.

Recent successes of Steve’s work include the development of the dive profile for the 313meters/1030ft world record deepest ever scuba dive by UK diver Mark Ellyatt, plus the development of the dive profile for the World record ‘Deepest ever wreck dive’ by Rob Lalumiere.

Diving Experience and credentials:

  • TDI Advanced Tri-mix Instructor Trainer.
  • DSAT Tec Tri mix Instructor.
  • DSAT / TDI Tri mix Gas Blender Instructor.
  • DSAT Tec Deep Instructor.
  • TDI Advanced Wreck ( Penetration) Instructor.
  • Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians – Dive Industry Technician Instructor (Association of Scuba Service and Engineers & Technicians).
  • Draeger SCR Instructor.
  • PADI Master Instructor.
  • IANTD, BSAC, CMAS Instructor.
  • IANTD Exclusive Instructor Trainer for Thailand.
  • Hyperbaric Engineering Support specialist.
  • Author: The Combined Decompression Model CDM-18
  • Professional dive instructor since mid 90’s, diving early 80’s well over 5,500 dives (to January 2007).
  • 1200+ Divers trained (to November 2006).

Professional Experience:

  • Chartered Engineer. Retired Defense contractor.
  • 15+ years Overseas experience Arabia/Far East.
  • Fluent English/Thai.

Technical Diving Articles – Steve Burton writes interestingly about tech (tek) diving:

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