Diving Life interns testimonials for Mermaids Career Development Center Thailand. Please hear what the divers have to say…The testimonials on this page are for scuba  diver interns that were here in mid-late 2006 through the present day.

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Hi I’m Jake – I am an X bank manager who decided to throw it all in and along with my wife came to Mermaids with the wild hope of becoming an OWSI

I can honestly say that the experience has been one of the most enjoyable of my life. The social scene has to be seen to be believed. The level of instruction and sheer passion shown by all staff is second to none. Whatever happens now I will remember my time here for the rest of my life.



Jake Morgan (2006/7)

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Hi I’m Delcie

I have been here for almost 7 months now and have enjoyed all of it so far. You pay your money to go up to whatever level you want, as well as that you get to dive every day, or as often as you like to like. The training I have been through has been to a very high standard. You can get as much or as little from this as you like, I am currently on my IDC and considering doing my MSDT

Iv met loads of great people since being here, everybody is friendly, it does not take long to feel as though you have been here for ages. There are always loads of people at a higher level of training to give you advice, you learn so much just by talking to them.

Gotta stop now as I have written too much already

Delcie x (2006/7)

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Joined the program aprox 3 months ago and have really enjoyed the whole experience. Been really well looked after throughout including an excellent induction on my first day.. The programmes are relaxed – you take them at your own pace, the staff are fantastic, everyone is really friendly, beer’s cheap – life’s pretty good! I am now planning to extend my time here and stay on for the next course……. To be continued

Livvy Kenny (2007/8)

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After looking at several other CDC centres around the world and corresponding with representation from each, I found that mermaids was by far the cheapest and most effective program for me. Booking was fast and easy, before I knew it I was in Thailand and nervous as hell. As soon as I arrived at the dive centre my nervousness diminished and was instantly made part of the team. As I write this I have currently been here almost 5 months and it has been the best decision of my life to further my career as a dive instructor and marine archaeologist . To all those enquiring about an internship at Mermaids it is the best in the world. So Go for it and get wet.

Daniel Bishop (2006/7)

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“I don’t like water, |I don’t like boats. Am a man not a fish”(highlander)

Started with 10 dives back in May, managed to do Master Scuba Diver with in a month then Dive master. Mermaids gave me the chance to experience the best job in diving, running the boat as a divemaster. Also managed to travel within Thailand and done an organised live aboard to the Similans which was amazing.

Dave C. (2007)

The opportunity to advance my SCUBA career came not only through the courses I participated in at mermaids but more importantly the interaction with other diving interns at all levels. The chance to leave an career in the states and interact with student divers from all over the world opened career diving possibilities. A choice I would make again. I would encourage all, as I have done, to initiate conversation with mermaids and two to three other dive schools, the response rate, courses offered and value for money are second to none.

Robert Blakeslee (2006/7)

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Thank you to all the mermaids staff for letting me join you here in the adventurous country of Thailand. Coming here as a dive master you have let me refresh my skills and trained me very well for the Instructor Examination. I look forward to my continued education with Mermaids

Greg Erkes. (2008)

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Hi guys

I have been part of the diving internship for the last seven months and my biggest and most memorable memories are firstly just how helpful everyone is. From Steve the course director, all the professional staff and especially Mali who latterly runs everything. My second lasting impression is how diving is continuous path through a diving career. I am waiting to complete my OWSI and already I have signed up on yet more courses. Be warned once diving is in your blood it will never leave and it consumes your life, wanting to continue in every way possible. Diving is fun, challenging and rewarding, it is recommended that anyone thinking of an internship should do it and do it with mermaids.

Good luck.

Bob Huxely (2006/7)

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Since iv been here at mermaids I have truly found a home and family away from home. This being my first time living on my own for an extended period of time, I was nervous when I first arrived. But after a few days on the boat and a few nights at TQ2’s it all changed. Iv been having way to much fun here, the people are great, the instructors are top notch and I cant even fathom the thought of leaving

Trent (2006/7)

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I came to Mermaids school by my boyfriend take me to here. First time I saw divers go down to water I want to know what happen down there. I discuss with my boyfriend. I want to try diving and he say OK and now I am Intern and enjoy diving so much. I know now I walk the right way.

Porn. (Thai Divemaster – OWSI) (2008)

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Hi I am Kevin Walsh OWSI 59988. I am now non – teaching status and have just attended the IDC at Mermaids 5 star CDC in Pattaya.

I’ve been a PADI instructor since 1993 (teaching has changed so much) I found the staff especially the course directors very helpful. I learned a lot from the course and would highly recommend any PADI instructors to attend an IDC at mermaids. It was conducted in a fun and spirited manner.

Kevin Walsh (2008)

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Hi my name is Dave S. I have been at Mermaids for 8 months . I came here to see new opportunities and have made a new life for myself. I would highly recommend training at Mermaids. The intern ship gives fun opportunities to learn to dive and make new friends and maybe find a new scuba diving career.

Dave S (2007/8)

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Justin Elliott (2007/8)

My time here has been an extreme but unique experience filled with great training and fun times. The staff are consummate professionals and an absolute wealth of knowledge and their teaching advice will be indispensable in the future. I highly recommend anyone looking to gain education in the dive industry to look at mermaids as the scope and entirety of programs is excellent.

Well what can I say, 4 months in , starting my IE this afternoon. PJ and Steve tell no lies, you really do get what you pay for, the guys are great and the training is top Quality. Hopefully by the time your reading this I will be an instructor and on another friends trip with PJ watching whale sharks in Phuket……….Awesome!

Matt Sheen (2005/6)

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My name is Bill and I came on the IDC as the only Non-Mermaids student. I did not know any one else and was quite nervous as a result. I also had a lot of pressure on me to really perform which did not help as I made some “school boy” errors at the start. The staff were really great to me and once I settled in I started to improve and relax far more. My confidence has improved and I am looking forward to working as an instructor and doing what I love.

Bill Kendington (2008)

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