Diving Life interns testimonials for Mermaids Career Development Center Thailand. Please hear what the divers have to say…The testimonials on this page are for divers that were here in late 2006 up to the present day.

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I just thought i would say hello, and let you know how i’m doing and find out how you are? i am working in Phuket….for Phuket Scuba Club. I was working as a freelance…but he has now offered me a full time position…so i’m really happy although a little tired. I really wanted to let you know that your help, guidance and friendship has meant a lot to me. I found that the level of training I recieved, right from my advanced with you, to finally completing my IDC with you has prepared me for career in diving. Although I have been suprised what is passed off as an instructor sometimes. its only when you leave the Mermaids bubble that you really appreciate the high standard of training I recieved. And you were a very big part of that. Thank you again Ian you will never realsie how you have effected my life in such a positive way… I am (money permitting) hoping to do my Staff at mermaids next April after the high season. I really want to staff IDC’s!! If you are ever down my way please let me know….there are some beautiful dive sites. Take care and i hope you are well. Ian (2007)

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I turned up at Mermaids on Soi Whitehouse and was met by Lisa a current intern who dragged me over to Roskilde’s, the local diving hang out. After a couple of beers my jetlag started to kick in, but no worries, Rick and a few other guys had hired a jeep, and we headed to Walking Street. I eventually got to my condo around 3am – let’s just say they know how to party in Pattaya.

Having signed up for 5 specialty courses, I went on my first one a few weeks into my stay, the wreck course. Pattaya is fortunate to have 3 wrecks you can dive in and around. The wreck course is very popular, taking you inside the wrecks. Class sizes are normally pretty small so it’s almost 1:1 teaching.

Mermaid’s has 4 boats, and hires others when necessary. All the boats are pretty big, and relaxing. You have plenty of time to and from the dive sites to chill out, talk to instructors and mates, or maybe just sleep.

We normally organize nights out a couple of times a week given that we have new interns arriving all the time, and they are always up for a good time.

Simon Staveley (2006/7)

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Hey PJ,

Gordon K here from the April `07 IDC. Just a note to say hello and thanks for the great experience at Mermaids. My time there was definitely one of the defining times of my life up to this point, and an experience I will never forget.
Three days after I got home from Thailand I applied to Aggressor Fleet Liveaboards and two weeks later I was on the Cayman Aggressor. I am now Captain on the Belize Aggressor, have been here for almost 8 months now and loving it. This had always been my goal and Mermaids helped me get there.

Hope things are still going great for all you guys over there, I will be by for a visit someday.

Gordon K (2007)
IDCS 490232

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Joined Course at Mermaids a few days before IDC prep, even though I wasn’t an intern, I still got the intern induction with Harvey. Was straight into it 2 days after that, and wondered if I’d taken a step too far as I was quite behind the level of training even though I was a Divemaster like everyone else. However I was supported by the dive instructors 100% and was on the ball in a few days. Dive training in the pool and classroom is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone. The dive boats are good AND you get fried chicken! Since I have been here I have met some great people and had a great time.

I arrived on July 4th which happens to be a big American holiday. When I arrived to pick up my kit I quickly got ushered into a baht bus to TQ2 and was force fed with shots and beers. It was good to meet new people and the shots really enhance everyone’s social skills, so I met a lot of new and interesting people. Because it’s an internship ‘zero-hero’ dive school, there is no shortage of eager well trained instructor more than willing to help you out both in and out of the water. Mermaid’s has 4 boats, all good boats with free hot chocolate, coffee, tea and water, so you never get thirsty. Also even if you are not diving it’s worth going on the boat for the Chicken yellow curry. Although the viz and dive sites are not that great, the people here are fun to dive with and it’s a great place to train. If you can find your way back to the boat here, you can do it anywhere.

I will be straight back here should I want to do any more courses, no matter how far away I am.

Anon (2007/8)

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1. Met by Harvey, very prompt.

2. Teaching was/is top drawer!!! Having taken an IDC previously this is kilometers better!

3. Boats – The best you can get here – nuff said.

4. Fun – C’mon, you have to ask?

This whole experience has been life-changing, I plan to return asap for MSDT.

Keith Hawkes (2007)

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My time at Mermaids has been really rewarding from the offset, within a few hours of being here I met a host of new people, some of whom will be friends for the foreseeable future. At first, the teaching methods appear unorthodox and strange, but on reflection they are very helpful and very effective, with the teaching staff both friendly and approachable.

On the Mermaids boat – the best way to describe it is like a party on a boat with the bonus of being able to dive, and there’s good free food too!!

I would recommend Mermaid’s absolutely without a doubt. Just to restate my feelings of Mermaid’s, I’ll be coming back next year to progress in my career as a specialty instructor!! All in all I would highly recommend Mermaid’s to anyone.

Clive Woodroof (2006/7)

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When I arrived here at the shop – for the second time – everything was arranged for me as planned. The 2 main reasons I came to Thailand and Mermaids was to complete the OWSI internship and the PERT internship. There are a number of different courses you can take to match your interests. Most of the courses are taught by ex-interns in a very professional manner. The courses I have already taken have been fun, knowledgeable and very rewarding. Overall experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore I would recommend anyone who is interested in SCUBA diving and continuing their PADI education to come to Mermaids.

Jon Sussman (2006/7)

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When I first arrived in Pattaya it was not at all what I expected, when I was walking down the Soi Whitehouse to the dive shop, 2 large duffel bags and a back pack weighing me down. I was met by calls of “sexy man, where you go?” It was not what I was used to, coming from a small town. However, after a friendly orientation with Harvey he took me to The Dive Site for a beer with Aussie Paul.

The teaching here has been top notch. With the staff instructors teaching many DM’s and OWSI’s they are really on their game. Sometimes they know too much and I cannot bs my way through anything with these guys.

The boats are run on Thai time, which for me is good, everything nice and chill. Cookie is a great character, and cooks great food. The greatest part about Pattaya is that the fun never ends, there is a party every night and every day is Pattaya day!

Trent Smith (2007)

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Arriving at Bangkok International airport, I was met by a taxi driver who took me to Mermaids.

The teaching was more than I expected, it’s not a holiday really, it’s the first step on the PADI professional ladder. The diving and the boats were suited to the area – however, I am here to learn skills, not just fun dive. There is always something happening in Pattaya or Jomtien, so there is plenty of opportunity to have fun every day and night. Overall, an educating and exciting time, I am definitely going to try and come back and enroll on the MSDT course.

Liam Abbott (2007/8)

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Mermaid’s has been great. I came across the program online, and having some free time in the coming year, signed up straight away. Getting here was a breeze, they sent all the needed paperwork, picked me up at the airport (at 1am) and showed me around the town the next day. The dive instruction has been first rate, as well as the facilities. The community at Mermaid’s is incredibly fun and friendly, with multiple group activities and parties. This was an incredible experience, and has left me with a great group of friends, and the opportunity to travel the world as a diving instructor.

Spanky (2008)

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After a long flight I arrived at Bangkok’s new airport very jet lagged, I was relieved to see my driver with my name displayed – just as expected – so Mermaid’s Dive Center really does exist!! On arrival in Pattaya I was met by Harvey and given an introduction to the dive center, and Pattaya. 2 days later I was leading dives. I had just qualified as a Divemaster in England. Over the following weeks I was given the opportunity to guide dives with other interns, and Mermaid’s customers. I took a few specialty courses and helped out on a whole variety of courses assisting instructors. All valuable experience for my IDC and IE.

John Belchamber (2007/8)

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I’ve met some great people from around the world with all different kinds of backgrounds, ages and interests. The teaching here has been great. All the instructors are very well trained and experienced. There aren’t many things they have not seen before, so they never make you feel like you are struggling, everything is taken step by step until you accomplish the skill. The boats are good, great, float and you get food, so you cannot go wrong. Pattaya is an ideal place to be also, maybe not for school, but for everything and anything else, Pattaya is up there as having more things to do for a great price.

Liam Mulcahy (2008)

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Came to Mermaid’s to do the Divemaster and IDC for four months, which then turned into six months. The people are great, the lifestyle is great and the training is first class. Well worth giving up the day job.

Alex Cooper (2007/8)

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On arrival I was met by Harvey, given a tour of the shop and how it’s run, then met some of the interns for a beer, then taken for an hour around town, saw the shops, and more beer. Saw SB2 for kit, sold up everything – GREAT!! Doing courses everything was great, learned a lot and had some fun into the bargain. The boats are comfortable and reliable. The life at Mermaid’s and surrounding area has been a very exciting one. The very few minor problems/concerns I have had were dealt with effectively and efficiently. Overall I have had a lot of fun.

Martin Stone (Barney) (2006/7)

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