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Scuba Diving Life internship diver testimonials for Mermaids Career Development Center Thailand. Please hear what the divers have to say…The divers testimonials on this page from 2005 all of the way to the present day.

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The overall package and value for money are fantastic. All staff has been very friendly, welcoming and available for questions etc. They have made my stay here one of the best times in my life.

Robert Grosset (2007)

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Greeted on first day orientation of Pattaya, fantastic and big smiles from Rabbit, nice to be greeted by a fellow girl. Had all my own equipment so no requirements there. Teaching has been good, great range of courses, I’ve had fun.

Always the same people loading and unloading, interns not always helping, happy to get on boat and just dive.

Enjoyed IDC a lot.

Really like the way the MSDT is changing. Have really enjoyed it here.

Anon (2007/8)

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Great value for your money. I will never forget this experience. And overall good decision to come to Mermaids.

Jacob Gilley (2008)

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When we first got here we were met by Harvey and Rabbit, and made to feel very welcome. Straight away we filled in some forms, and then over to Roskilde’s where we met some good friends in the first 5 minutes. Everyone very friendly. The only thing I would change about the first day is having the kit sorted there and then, as we were very jet lagged. Have had the equipment 5 months now, all very good, with the choice of an upgrade if wanted.

Very good teaching, especially in the main courses such as rescue diver, DM and IDC – great IDC staff. On a couple of specs I didn’t feel that I learnt too much.

Had a great time here, lots of fun, will be sad to leave!!

Natalia Westwell (2008)

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Overall I would recommend Mermaid’s to anyone. I really liked the ‘family’ which Mermaid’s allows you to be part of. I have enjoyed being at the condo’s and always having someone around to dive or socialise with. Although the diving hasn’t been great with respect to visibility and marine life from my previous dive experience, I have enjoyed it, and learnt an immense amount. I will be sorry to leave.

Sarah Evans (2008)

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It like home. Even though I came from another dive center to take my IDC with Mermaids I felt that I should have chosen differently from the beginning of my dive career. I am very satisfied and impressed for those that have paid for your courses. It’s definately goodf value for money. Maybe I shall see you all soon,

Nina (IDC Sept 2007)

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Mermaid’s is what YOU make it!! I got here in November 2006, not sure what to expect. Luckily my partner and I found our accommodation to be clean and very comfortable. Over our first few days, we were surprised at the ‘up to you’ philosophy at the school. It does make a lot of sense though. Mermaid’s and Mermaid’s staff offer a plethora of opportunities. You can dive daily, take your courses as you please. You get experience on customer boats if you so wish, you can also run boats, and work with instructors etc!! Some people don’t get it, or maybe they have too much money to waste, but this set up is ideal for anyone who is serious about becoming a dive professional. The staff overall are excellent. Bug them with questions daily and they will still smile and answer you!! I wish I had more time between my instructor and DM though, if you can make the time – DO IT!! The experience you’ll gain as a DM will really help you later and there is ample opportunity to watch instructors teach all types of courses during this phase. Sadly DM positions were a little limited though. I only wish I could stay for my MSDT. Mermaid’s will get you through to instructor, but how you get through, what experience you gain is up to you. The opportunities are all there in front of you if you want them.


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I really liked the meeting at the shop when I arrived, but could have done with some kip first. Loved the unlimited diving! Didn’t get lured into the bar by B2, so equipment set up was very good. Teaching overall is excellent, loads of support whenever you needed it. More courses than you can shake a stick at. We need more Bremen trips though!! Roskilde’s is the one and only meeting place.. Blinding!!! Divemaster course was very tough, but very rewarding – likewise the IDC. Malai is superwoman, and a great help. Such a great time, the loss of SB1 the only bad point.

Chris Ephgrave MMC (2006/7)

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Very good value for money. Love every minute with Mermaids. Training I got was really good. I love working with Mermaids. The best thing I ever did. I’ve got such a good training. They are nice and relaxed place of learning.

Mark Robinson (2008)

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Hello – Just a quick note…

While surfing on the super info highway, looking for diving jobs somewhere in a hot tropical far off destination, I happened across a little place called Mermaid’s!! Arriving with about 48hrs of jet lag and clothing for 6 months, we were met by Harvey (harvalicious)!! Shown the shop, “home” and the local watering hole where we met up with fellow interns and instructors. Everyone at Mermaid’s is a tight knit family, as soon as you arrive you are sucked in by their hospitality (and beer), and become one of the group in minutes.

It’s a large machine, everyone pulling together, regardless of certification. All the instructors are friendly and very helpful answering any questions or queries. All courses are taught with a passion for the love of diving, which is why we all dive. My time here is drawing to a close after a very well taught IDC.

The Dude (AJ Cookson) (2008)

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This experience has definitely been everything I had hoped for, and then some. I haven’t left yet, and I am already missing it. I’m currently scheming for an excuse to come back here. From day 1 it has been a blast meeting everyone, and getting to know the many different characters that make Mermaid’s (and Pattaya) the experience that it is. If you have ever heard the expression “it takes all kinds” – come here and you will know!! Thanks to all my instructors all the way through, especially all the Staffies, and of course Russell, who have made the infamous IDC experience a total blast, and huge learning curve.

PS Malai rocks too!

PPS Harvey – thanks for the day 1 intro to madness.

Gordon Kipp (2006/7)

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Everything was made very easy to all of us. It’s all in one package. I feel like I’ve got the good value for my money.

Pia Bergholm (2008)

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We arrived and walked into the shop to announce that we were finally here, in 1 piece. Eyes wide with the hustle and bustle around us, a guy called Harvey came out to meet us and I could see a look in his eyes of “what have they got in all those bags”? We did a quick orientation, filled out a bunch of paperwork and were placed on a baht bus to go on a tour of Pattaya with Rabbit. 2 days later we had our first dive in Pattaya. The visibility was bad, but the dive was great. The weeks progressed and we started our DM course, 2 weeks of terror and nail biting, thinking ‘will I make it’? But the hard work and help from instructors paid off, and it ended up being a whole lot of fun. Finally the last skill arrived, the snorkel went down, and so did a whole bunch of us (see the dvd) and we are finally DM’s. The next few weeks were spent working on the customer boat and studying, still with fun in between, as fun never stops in Pattaya. Then the day arrived, and we started our IDC. You really start seeing what it means to be instructors, and you start to mimic people like Russell and Desi, as they are simply in a league of their own. The course is excellent and you learn a lot. Thank you everyone. Mermaid’s and staff will remain with me for the rest of my life!!

Anon – IDC May ‘07

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I’ve had a very enjoyable and memorable time at Mermaid’s. I found settling into the community easy. All the staff are very approachable and understanding. I will look back with fond memories for my time spent at Mermaid’s and in particular the friends I made along the way. I sincerely wish all the best to the Mermaid’s staff, and I hope any future projects taken by the staff are successful.

Niall Loftus (2007)

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From the moment I arrived I was welcomed with open arms. The staff were great, taking the time out to show me the sights and sounds of Pattaya as well as the workings of the dive centre. The freedom to create your own schedule is great, allowing you to take part as and when you need. Also, Malai and Gow are fantastic, helping out with anything diving or non-diving related. Being here has been a great experience. I’ve made some great friends whom I won’t quickly forget. Thanks to everyone!!

Andy McCourt (2008)

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What a welcome tour of the essentials – including a trip to soi 6!! As soon as you arrive you are made to feel like one of the group. The diving, the eating, the drinking and Walking Street. Fun to be had every minute of every day. Everyone talks to everyone – instructor, DM, intern, beginner. Any questions – ask!! All are answered honestly and truthfully.

The staff are great, they do really anything for (or with) you! Long not so sober nights out partying, preparing you for all aspects of whatever course you sign up for. Don’t think you can’t learn this – the way they teach, everyone can fulfill their dream maybe. DIVING LIFE ROCKS!!!!

Clive Granby MMC (2006/7)

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From the moment I arrived at Mermaid’s I felt welcome. As I entered Roskilde the response to a new intern was immense. From that point on I had a continuous flow of people to chat to, who became great friends, no matter what time of day. The next day I was straight on a boat diving the local sights – to my surprise they were better than I expected. I was on the boats daily from that point on. The General Manager Claus was ready to help with any problems, and the door was always open. My DM training and IDC were both exciting and fulfilling. I am looking forward to a career in diving thanks to the Mermaids Staff.

Lindsey Robinson (2006)

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I had a great time at my stay with Mermaid’s. I met many people and made many friends. I was able to take courses at my own pace, which allowed me travel time to see many interesting things and have great experiences outside of diving. After meeting other students from other dive schools I believe Mermaid’s provided exceptional training – more than other local dive schools. In all, the best experience of my life.

Marc Maurer (2006/7)

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Where do I start? A decision that you will never regret!! Before I decided to sign up for the internship, I spent weeks on the website reading things like this, wishing I had a magic wand that would make me an instructor IMMEDIATELY! Now, looking back, I am so glad I do NOT have that wand!! An amazing time, from the moment I got to the arrivals hall at the airport, and saw my name on a placard, to right now, and no doubt beyond. Met amazing friends who helped me participate in unforgettable experiences. Mermaid’s staff were always on hand for advice and questions on any subject. A certain baht bus incident is a highlight in my view. Do NOT want to leave!! Memories forever!!

Shake ‘n’ Bake Ally (Cameron) (2007/8)

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I came to Thailand and was greeted well. Many people made me feel welcome and helped me get organised. I was an inexperienced DM when I arrived, and was welcomed on the boat to gain experience, and I had a fantastic time. Mermaid’s turned me into a real DM. This prepared me well for my IDC. The instructors were well prepared and available at any time. They made the course fun, and at the same time prepared me for my IE.

The Phil (Lawrence) (2008)

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To all of the Mermaids team
Just wanted to say thankyou for a great experience and the quality of training you provided. You made training relaxed and fun and I feel confident in my new ability of a open water diver, I look forward to continuing diving in the future. So a big thank you to Martin my instructor and all of your team involved in greeting me and part of my dive training please pass on my thanks.
With Thanks
Brian Handley 2012

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