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Thailand International Schools update

Thailand International Schools update

The Regent’s school Thailand Summer Camp

… joined Mermaids Dive Center for a day out on the boat to experience snorkeling and swimming. The Regent’s Summer Camp is held every year in July to keep children of all ages and nationalities entertained over the summer holidays. I am sure that many of us as parents can relate to wishing to have more to do for the litttle fellas whilst on holiday! Bare in mind these children live in Thailand.

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Scuba diving for kids during the summer holiday camps


28 students and teachers from Regents boarded the Mermaids one boat located in Samaesan which is an authentic Thai fishing pier south of Pattaya on Thursday 18th July. They were super excited to be on the boat and getting into the water. After a safety orientation of the boat and briefing on the boats’ facilcities they were soon off to the first island of Koh Chan East to begin snorkeling. Koh Chan is a very small island but has some wonderful snorkeling if the conditions are right.

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For some of the children, this was their first time snorkeling but had the experienced Mermaids team soon helping them to enjoying snorkeling and have fun. After the first session and spotting lots Damsel Fish, Christmas tree worms on the coral and a variety of marine life, everyone jumped back on board to have some lunch

Lunch si always served fresh on the boats and quite an event in itself. After lunch, the boat moved on to Koh Rong Nang to give the snorkelers a different site to experience. There were lots of sightings of hard and soft coral including Brain, Staghorn and Table. Angelfish, Bat Fish, Pufferfish and Boxfish were just some of the critters spotted. The area is known for small bamboo sharks also but you rarely see them unless really looking as they tend to sleep under coral during the day. (They are harmless also)

At the completion of the day all of the children and adults agreed they had a fantastic time and were eager to return soon for more snorkeling or even trying diving.

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