PADI Underwater Digital Photography Divers Specialty Course

PADI Underwater Digital Photography

PADI Underwater digital photography course Pattaya, Thailand

Wouldn’t you like to show your friends how beautiful the underwater world and scuba diving is? If so, this course is the right one for you! By taking the PADI Digital Underwater Photo specialty course you’ll soon be making pictures like the pros. And you’ll also learn to process your photos on the computer. Mermaid’s Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand offers a range of different photo and video divers courses from the recreational to professional underwater photographer. 35mm and digital cameras with underwater housings are used. The PADI underwater digital photo program is wonderful at gaining skills to improve your dive photo skills and even down to how you store and archive your dive pictures. The PADI outline for the digital divers photo course is in two segments.

PADI Underwater Digital – Level 1

  • Point-and-shoot cameras and their practicality.
  • White balancing.
  • Color filters.
  • Taking photographs without external flash.
PADI Underwater Digital – Level 2

  • Using histograms.
  • File formats.
  • Image resolution.
  • Picture composition.
  • Organization and archiving.

In order to participate in Level 1 of the PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialty course you need to have completed a PADI Open Water Diver course (or a higher course), and successful completion of Level 1 is the prerequisite for Level 2. The duration for both levels is 4 hours each. Participation in both levels is also open for snorkelers who will receive a non-diving certificate after successful completion.

The course materials include the new PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Manual and an underwater white-balance slate.

Certified divers can get Level 2 credited as an adventure dive for the PADI Adventures in Diving program. The minimum age to enroll in the course is 10 years.

contact Mermaids dive centre here at Mermaids Dive Internship Center Thailand for further details. Mermaid’s CDC Pattaya, Thailand has digital photography instructors and also a digital underwater photography instructor trainer for those dive professionals looking at becoming dive photo instructors themselves.

Mermaid’s is lucky enough to be in an area where there are many opportunities for underwater photographs. Whether of the collecting corals on a wreck, the reefs lined with fish or even deep shots on Tech dives. The 35mm still photography PADI course is also offered along with underwater videography.

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