Buoy Project – Hardeep Ship Wreck preservation project

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Buoy Project – Hardeep Ship Wreck preservation project

We have been blessed locally with wonderful training conditions with great recreational scuba diving also. One of the main highlights for both recreational and divers in training is the Hardeep Ship wreck which lies in approximately 28 meters of water in Samesan, Pattaya, Thailand. The Hardeep is a ship with a lot of history and the details can be seen here. As it lays there have been no marker buoys on the wreck and it is now paying the price. When dive boats come in to drop off divers until currently the wreck is anchored to, causing a lot of stress on the boat that was sunk in 1942.

A team of divers for Mermaids carried out a “preservation” project on the Hardeep ship. It has been down for a long time and we wish for it to be diveable for a very much longer time yet.

Headed by Brock and Alex, Mermaids divers assisted with the planning, labour and the diving for the laying of new mooring lines. The “X” marks on the picture above show where the new mooring lines have been laid – we have one at the bow and one at the stern.

Tuesday 31st May 2005 Jeremiah, Alex, Brock, John and a team assisted with the creation of 50 x 50 kilogram concrete blocks. The mixes had to be made on the boat in the fishing port of Samesan as if they were made off of the boat there would have been a lot of fun transferring 1.5 tons of concrete on to a dive boat.

With the two marker buoys in place after a very difficult dive we were ready lighten the load of our dive boat and drop the concrete. Once safely on the bottom we can get on with collecting the blocks to create a hefty download for the “Police Marker Buoys” that had been donated by the local constabulary. We needed to collect 25 in each area and then bind then together to create one large 1250 kilogram weight. On “Twin Nitrox Sets” we had Brock, HMS, Dave and Jeremiah – this was to be our first group of 4. The reason for using Nitrox and twins was to increase the available dive “bottom time” so that the project could be completed without running out of air or available safe time underwater. Details of Nitrox diving can be seen here…

The 2nd group (of 3) heading for the other pile of concrete to be collected and bound, was Phil, Alex, and John. Thip and Pj joined the “twin sets” to document the process (take pictures).

I have to say congratulations to the team from Mermaids. To Brock, Thip and Alex for the overall planning and execution and to John (X-Treme), HMS, Phil, Dave, and Jeremiah for the assistance with the dives. A great job was done and let’s hope that this effort will allow us to train on and pleasure dive this wreck for many more years to come.