Dive Master Internship

In 1999 Mermaids Dive Centre created the Worlds first Dive Master Internship. The diving industry required a more professional approach to the training of a dive pro and we took the lead. Diving instructor internships followed allowing Dive Masters to progress into scuba diving instruction seamlessly.

All of Mermaids scuba diving internships are FULLY inclusive of agency fees, unlimited diving, full equipment (to keep), dive courses, training, materials and accommodation. Being ALL-Inclusive allows you the professional diver in training to concentrate solely on education and experience. We want you to become the very best diving pro possible and enjoy a wonderful life working in the scuba industry.

Located in Thailand Mermaids offer Dive Master and Dive Instructor training 365 days per year. With a year-long diving season we’re well placed to receive divers any time that is convenient to them. The local diving creates a perfect training ground with several penetrable ship wrecks, deep and shallow coral dives, slack and ripping currents – we have a wide range of diving experiences on our doorstep.

Diving internships allow you the ‘wet-side’ training in order to be a diving professional. Additionally Mermaids operate dry-side scuba repair training in the form of dive equipment maintenance and servicing. We offer a Scuba Engineer Internship that includes diving equipment, compressor strip down, engine rebuild, scuba tank testing and much more. Dry-Side scuba skills are looked at by diving employers very favourably.

If you are looking to become the very best dive pro possible then Mermaids can assist you with your dream. It is our goal to make you as employable as possible as a diver and work prepared. Mermaids have hundreds of ex-interns working throughout the world within the diving industry.

Dive Intern Equipment

Dive Intern Equipment Package

As a professional diver in training, a diver is expected to have their own scuba equipment. Owning a complete set serves the purposes of allowing the diver to become 100% familiar and comfortable with their exact equipment. Additionally complete set of dive equipment is amongst the tool set required by any diving employer. Employing a dive pro without their own equipment is like employing a carpenter with no tools. Most diving employers will insist that the DM/Instructor possesses a complete set of dive equipment.

To this end Learn-in-Asia Mermaids supply all dive intern equipment within the package. If you already have a full set then you will be discounted. If you have most equipment but missing bits and pieces then we can supply what is required.

Dive Intern Equipment Package Includes:

Regulator – ISR750 Regulator

IST’s new R750 was  developed with reliability as the main priority. It is simple to use and easy to service. The proven technology means with proper care and maintenance it will give years of trouble free diving.

First Stage Features:
  • Piston technology has been used in SCUBA for many years now and its longevity lies in its simplistic, bomb-proof design. This first stage can handle lots of abuse and is easy for technicians to service.
  • 4 intermediate pressure ports and 1 high pressure port.
Scuba diving intern regulator
Second Stage Features : O-50
  • The O50 uses an easy to service down stream valve.
  • Coupled with it’s high-spec, large bore hose it flows more than enough air, even when breathing demand is high.
  • Pre-dive / dive switch on the second stage housing prevents free flow while the diver is on the surface.

Gauge With SLATE

Mini pressure gauge and depth gauge console with the compass located on the reverse sideLarge compass with bezel and side window for easy reading. Maximum depth: 60m (200ft), Maximum pressure: 350bar (5000psi Glow in the dark gauge faces.
Durable retaining boot. MADE IN ITALY

i100 Dive Computer

The i100 with simple one-button navigation, you can select from four operating modes and manage two gases. The computer will also retain all your settings and calculations between battery changes. Safety features such as audible alarms and a high-visibility LED warning light are included. The i100 dive computer provides all the essential functionality you need, a compact design.

  • 4 operating modes. Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between DIVE and Free).
  • User changeable battery and data retention.Maintains settings and calculations between battery changes.
  • Intuitive one-button navigation.
  • 2 Nitrox gases.
  • Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for increased safety.
  • Pre-Dive planning feature allows a preview of your next dive.
  • Single button press access to last dive display (max depth and bottom time).
  • History Mode includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours and lowest temperature.
  • Nitrox mix to 100% O2.
  • Optional deep stop with countdown timer
  • Automatic altitude adjustment ensures an accurate profile


Lanyard is included for easy connections.
Foldable. Easy to be carried or pocketed.
Blade length: 10cm

  • Bezel with side window for easy reading.
  • Luminous face.
  • Durable boot with strap.

Suface Marker Buoy SMB

SMBs are safety devices, floating on the surface during a dive to mark the diver’s position during drift dives, night dives, mist or disturbed sea conditions. The buoy lets the dive boat follow the divers and highlights their position to other boat traffic. Be safe and shoot a signal buoy from your safety stop to alert everyone above before you surface.

Octopus – IST ISO 50

Reliable and robust, the O-50 uses the time-proven, easy to service down-stream valve. Coupled with our high-spec, large bore intermediate pressure hose (max. service pressure @ 34.5 BAR / 500psi), it flows more than enough air even when breathing demand is high.

Mermaids intern octopus regulator
  • The pre-dive/ dive switch atop the second stage housing prevents free-flow while the diver is on the surface.
  • Cracking pressure setting @ 1.2 inch of water Flow rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 30 cuft / min max. service intermediate pressure @ 10 BAR (145psi)

Buoyancy Control Device

This is a traditional jacket style BCD which provides all the basic requirements a diver needs. It is comfortable, easy to use while durable and reliable. The tough 1000D CORDURA shell can withstand rigorous usage and the power inflator and pull dump assembly is tried and tested. An ideal teaching aid for a DM / Instructor -ideal for underwater skill demonstrations.

Dive intern BCD Pattaya Thailand
Features include:
  • Tough 1000D CORDURA shell.
  • Cold water capable power inflator with pull dump.
  • 2 additional rear quick air dump valve.
  • Adjustable sternum strap.
  • Strong and lightweight delrin D-rings.
  • 2 roomy side pockets with velcro closure.

  • BORA “PLUS“ MASK – Silicone skirt & strap
  • Replaceable – twist on buckles
  • Twin lens w. tempered glass
  • Clear skirt: Black, Blue Transparent, Yellow
  • Black skirt: Black, Orange, Yellow

  • Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece for added comfort.
  • Purge valve at lowest point for effortless clearing.
  • Semi-dry top design prevents water entry into tube.
  • Standard universal snorkel keeper.
  • Flexible, corrugated joint drops snorkel from face when not
    in use.

  • Traditional rubber fin with proven design.
  • By combining features such as special blade curvature, varying degree of flexibility and structural ribs, the product is positive forward thrust with spring-like effect.
  • The open vents efficiently channels the water flow to give added energy saving effect.
  • Stainless steel spring fin strap compatible (item no.: FS11).

  • 3 mm Tropical Booties
  • ISS40
  • Draw string closure to minimise water flow.
  • Vulcanized sole.
  • Additional rear pull tab to ease putting-on and removal.

Kit Bag
  • Large size 60 liter bag.
  • Size 70 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm.
  • Zipper Comes through bag center.

The dive intern equipment is all brand new and taken off of the shelf. On arrival after settling in, the students are equipped fully ready to get in the water any time to begin the training. If you’re already certified then you can grab your equipment and get directly out on the boats to get some fun diving and acclimatised to the conditions.