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Dive internship at Mermaids leading to a scuba diving career

Dive internship training at Mermaids is our speciality. We’ve been offering it since 1999 …The dive internships are not just for the scuba diver that wishes to learn professional status and become a divemaster or diver instructor but also for the divers that wish to go the technical diving path or maybe to the recreational Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest PADI non professional dive rating. All dive internships are offered through Mermaids CDC Learn-in-Asia scuba diving academy and are the most comprehensive available. Mermaids dive center conceived and built the original professional dive internships globally.

Each of the dive internship programs at Mermaids are designed to offer the most complete content in it’s individual area of diving. Those that seriously wish to work within the diving industry can achieve this goal through our professional packages. The professional dive internships will begin a scuba career as proven time and time over in our students. As an intern you are a paying customer and hence there is no break in your schedule. You do not queue for your training or wait until there are no paint customers – at Mermaids you have all training rights and privileges of a customer in terms of scheduling. (If there are no other customers – the boat still goes out for you).

Dive Internship #2 – Divemaster

The PADI Divemaster certification is the first rung on the professional ladder. This respectable diving qualification will allow the certified to assist dive instructors, run trips, lead trial dives, organize dive logistics, and possess solid dive theory and skills, lead certified divers as just some of the useful skills. As a dive-master the scuba diving industry opens to you and it is entirely possible to find dive work. Mermaid’s ensures that the dive intern is an MSD (as above) prior to embarking on the Dive Master training – this is all included. Learn more…about the PADI dive master

Dive Internship #3 Divemaster – PADI Instructor

The Dive Master to PADI dive instructor is an upgrade package. For all of the dive masters out there that wish to upgrade to the OWSI certification and start really working in diving – this is the one! It is possible to take a simple IDC (Instructor Development Course) to become an instructor and find diver work but the internship method prepares the diver much better for the exams and skills. Based over a 2 month period the preparation for your instructor exams could not be better. Learn more…about the DM – OWSI training

Dive Internship #4 – PADI Dive Instructor

The PADI Instructor training is the most popular of the dive internships at Mermaids. The dive instructor (as the other dive internships) can be joined at any level diver or even with NO prior dive experience. Dreaming of scuba work and diving for a living? The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) internship will ensure that you are not only well trained and prepared but also possess all of the tools (dive equipment) and materials for the job. (You will be trained through Internship 1,2 and 3 as above). Start your scuba diving career today! Learn more…about the PADI instructor

Dive Internship #5 – MSDT Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Mermaid’s Dive Center is a long standing PADI CDC (Career Development Center) allowing easily to offer further dive career development. The Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Staff Instructor ratings are offered as internships with Mermaids. All inclusive programs with certifications, manuals and accommodation making it very easy to increase your PADI certification level. Learn more…about the Mermaids MSDT

Dive resort business training

Mermaids CDC has an excellent record of in water and dry land based internships that lead to high employability in the dive industry. The BMT (Dive Center Business Management Training) program is designed to offer a wealth of knowledge in logistics, sales/marketing, accounting, dealing with customers, staff and other diver training agencies. All of the hands-on experience that you will gain is directly applicable to exactly the work that will be required to operate and manage a dive resort. All training is conducted with a PADI Course Director and Master Instructors. dive resort business training

All of the professional scuba diving programs offered result in a dive job assistance service. We have been helping our freshly trained dive professionals into scuba diving careers very successfully since the programs began. Our professional diver training has increasingly become renowned for being thorough, unique and dedicated to those that are serious about a scuba diving career. Many dive trainees have dive jobs or at least interviews lined up for them before they graduate from the divemaster or diving instructor training programs.

Only the Divemaster and the professional Instructor traineeships have start dates set at 3 per month. Please diving intern programs or check the individual package page for the schedule.

For more information on all of the Internships please contact Mermaids dive centre and or Check the “Frequently Asked Questions”.

check out your dive centre – Things to ask your dive training school.