Dive Instructor Internship

Does the boulder cove and beach here in Thailand look more appealing than the inside of your office right now? Obviously a rhetorical question Mermaid’s Scuba Diving Internship in tropical Thailand can allow you the opportunity to make the beach your office for a training period, or if you wish for a complete change of life then possibly for a lifetime. Dive interns that dive train with Mermaids range from gap year students to corporate professionals taking a career break diving here in sunny Thailand. Scuba diving instructor training is what Mermaids Dive Career Development Center specialize in.

Scuba diving internships are what Mermaids specialize in although we offer a range of diving internship programs. Dive training internships – we have aplenty that can be tailored to your dive training needs. We realize that everyone has different schedules due to career breaks, work commitments, work schedules or different goals in diving that they have set.

Dive Master Internship Pattaya

Scuba Diving Internship in Thailand

Dive Master Internship Pattaya

The Mermaids PADI Dive Master Internship Pattaya is the Original and Pioneering DM internship operated globally. Conceived within Mermaids in 2000 by Stephen Blumenthal and Peter Scott, Internships are as common place within the diving industry as masks and snorkels.

PADI Dive Master Internship

As a DM intern you will learn to scuba dive and become a PADI professional Dive Master within our intensive 4 month program. Once qualified as a dive master you will be eligible to assist instructors with student training, conduct open ocean dive tours for certified divers and assist with the day to day operation of a fully-functional dive centre. The PADI Dive Master qualification is the first professional “internationally recognized” scuba diving qualification. It is the first rung on the PADI Professional ladder and can be used as a passport to work in most countries world wide. The training that you will receive from start to finish will have a goal of entry to the scuba diving industry for diving employment. Being a qualified dive professional you will be able to work legally and gain professional insurance. Being a Mermaids Dive Master you’ve paved the way to a successful diving career.

Our job is to deliver you challenging training that will equip you directly for the diving market place. The programs are all-inclusive in cost allowing you to concentrate on your training.

The Mermaids Dive Master Internship is the original, most comprehensive and complete professional package available. There are TWO packages:


SILVER Package:

For Divers that are on a budget or simply do not have the time to commit. You glean all of Mermaids professional resources, same training, equipment and accommodation as the GOLD – simply less courses and time diving / experience.


The MOST Complete DM Training

Don’t just get the ticket – GET ALL of the Training surrounded in solid experience, reinforced knowledge and practically applied skills. You will be an Employable Dive Master on completion!

SILVER - Details:


  • PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI Advanced Diver
  • Emergency First Response
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • PADI Dive Master Course
  • Un-Limited Diving
  • ALL Manuals, Tables, Training Aids
  • ALL Certification Fees
  • Full Set of Brand New Diving Equipment
  • 7 Weeks Private Accommodation

The Silver Dive Master internship is operated to the high standards of the Gold Program yet has been designed for those with less time and budget. Taking the SILVER package will still make you a very well trained Dive Master. You’ll have all of the training, knowledge, skills and qualifications to be able to work – just simply not a lot of working experience. You’ll get hands on with assisting with students, operating trips, leading dives and all other aspects of that within the dive-master training. The skills and knowledge that you gain will be practically applied until you are 100% solid. There is just

SILVER Prices:

Diver Level Time Price Own Equip
Non-Diver 48 days 121,020 91,020
Open Water 43 days 116,020 86,020
Advanced 41 days 111,020 81,020
Rescue 36 days 106,020 81,020

The prices are in THAI BAHT – Please use an online currency converter to check in your local currency. Require additional days diver accommodation and scuba diving? Simply 1500 Thai baht (currency exchange rate tool on home page) per day gets you 1 day diving and 1 night accommodation.

GOLD - Details:


  • PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI Advanced Diver
  • EFR Emergency First Resp.
  • EFR CFC – Care for Children
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Master Scuba Diver:
    • PADI Enriched Air Diver
    • PADI Deep Diver
    • PADI Wreck Diver
    • Underwater Photography
    • PADI Drift Diver
    • PADI Night Diver
    • PADI Multi-level Diver
    • Search And Recovery Diver
    • PADI Navigation Diver
    • P.P Buoyancy Diver
  • PADI Divemaster Course
  • PADI EFRI (EFR Instructor)
  • 02 Oxygen First Aid
  • Full-Face Mask Diver
  • FULL set of Brand New Diving Equipment
  • 16 Weeks Private Accommodation
  • ALL Manuals, Tables & Training Aids.
  • ALL Certification Fees
  • Un-Limited Diving
  • International Dive Job assistance
  • Airport Transfer

To join our PADI dive master internship program all you need to do is contact Mermaids dive centre for a consultation. If you have any dive certifications or personal dive equipment on entering the program then you shall be credited for all. Please check the chart below…

GOLD Prices:

Diver Level Months Price Own Equip
Non-Diver 4 227,500 197,500
Open Water 4 219,500 189,500
Advanced 4 211,500 181,500
Rescue 3 197,500 167,500

All prices are in THAI BAHT – Please use an online currency converter.


2018 – 2019 Divemaster Start dates:

Month 5th 15th 25th
Aug 18 DM22 FULL DM24
Sep 18 DM25 FULL DM27
Oct 18 FULL No Course DM30
Nov 18 DM31 DM32 FULL
Dec 18 DM34 FULL DM36
Feb 19 FULL DM41 DM42
Mar 19 DM43 FULL DM45
Apr 19 FULL DM47 DM48
May 19 DM49 DM50 FULL
Jun 19 DM52 DM53 DM54
Jul 19 DM55 DM56 DM57

Both the GOLD and SILVER Divemaster internship programs begin on the 5th, 15th and the 25th of each month. Each date has a corresponding booking number. Please note that we are flexible to take interns at other times but the logistics are easier to begin on the dates that are set. There are limited numbers per booking date. Please just email me for details of availability.

ALL of the Mermaids professional dive internships are designed specifically for dive industry employment. ALL focus is on training related to you gaining a dive job directly from the training. This includes the SILVER packages – (Please note that the Silver Programs include the same accommodation, instruction, materials, manuals, certifications, dive boats, training pool, ocean and quality as the Gold packages – the Silver simply include less dive experience and training.

If you would like the full GOLD training but do not have the time then you might consider splitting your training into smaller time periods. All Mermaids training can be divided into periods that can be taken as holiday. Many of our divers train and return to train later with more time available to them.