HTMS Khram Ship Wreck Pattaya

HTMS Khram Ship Wreck Pattaya

HTMS Khram Ship Wreck Pattaya – a day getting wrecked

Ship Wreck Pattaya Bay

The Khram ship wreck Pattaya lends itself to wonderful diving; dark, spooky, exciting – yet wonderful.

The HTMS Kram wreck Pattaya is a World War II medium size landing ship was sunk off of Koh Phai, Pattaya, Thailand in 2003 for the purposes of a man made reef for divers and wreck enthusiasts.

htms khram ship wreck pattaya for diving

Computer generated image courtesy of Mr. Alex Beuchel, a student of Mermaids Dive Center.

The “Phai” wreck Pattaya lies at 30 meters and is mostly intact. It was gutted and made wholly safe for recreational diving prior to the sinking. The shipwreck is safe to dive but having said that you only ever dive to the level of your training and within your limits. It is advised that if you are to dive any wreck ideally you’d be Wreck Diver certified.

Gaz and Jase were my buddies for the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Gaz and Jase are wreck spec trained and dive professionals. Dive instructor and DM they have progressed through the dive internship to this level. Both are highly trained wreck specialty divers with many penetration dives on the Khram shipwreck. The diving this day was fun, relaxed and most of all safe due to diving within limitations of our wreck dive training.

I wish wished to get a few photos of the wreck this day – please check out the pics below – taken over two days. The pictures can appear dark as it is fairly deep. If there are a few divers on the wreck then the silt on the wreck can get wisped up slightly lowering visibility. It is hard to capture on a small SonyP150 camera….have a look anyway…

My many thanks to both Gaz ands Jase for a good couple of dives on the Khram wreck. I shall be getting many more complete shots of the wreck – watch this space.