Dive Instructor Internship

Does the boulder cove and beach here in Thailand look more appealing than the inside of your office right now? Obviously a rhetorical question Mermaid’s Scuba Diving Internship in tropical Thailand can allow you the opportunity to make the beach your office for a training period, or if you wish for a complete change of life then possibly for a lifetime. Dive interns that dive train with Mermaids range from gap year students to corporate professionals taking a career break diving here in sunny Thailand. Scuba diving instructor training is what Mermaids Dive Career Development Center specialize in.

Scuba diving internships are what Mermaids specialize in although we offer a range of diving internship programs. Dive training internships – we have aplenty that can be tailored to your dive training needs. We realize that everyone has different schedules due to career breaks, work commitments, work schedules or different goals in diving that they have set.

IDC Oct 2013

PADI IDC Oct 2013 Pattaya Thailand

IDC Oct 2013

PADI Instructor Development Course Pattaya, Thailand October 2013

The October 2013 PADI Scuba Diving Instructor Examinations in Pattaya Thailand seemed to come up on us so quickly. After two weeks of the PADI Instructor Development at Mermaids the examinations with PADI began. Held at a local luxury hotel our trainee dive instructors were very well prepared as always to take on the academics and the water portions of the exams. Although all of the Mermaids divers are always very well prepared it’s still a huge relief when all of the testing is over.

Congratulations guys! Congratulations to the new PADI Open Water Instructors: Jessica, Andre, Mike and Nathan. Well done, guys! Many thanks for Russell, Robert, Andrew and Jim for staffing the PADI Instructor Development Course.

Traveling to a country far away from home and training to scuba diving is not to be taken lightly. Sure, it’s a great time in one’s life meeting other divers and beginning a new career, however, it is training and it is demanding. The PADI Instructor exams are not meant to be easy and we do not train you just to pass them. At the end of the day the certification is a piece of paper that will get you into a job. The training that you gain however is what will ultimately keep you employed and progressing in your dive career. PADI set minimums such as a minimum amount of dives that you are required to have logged prior to taking professional level training. They set minimums on specialty area dive counts to be awarded a higher level. Mermaids take these minimums and expand upon them ensuring that you as the trainee gain incredible experience fast and above what is generally accepted. You’ll not just get by but fly through the examinations with as much confidence as you are capable of. Mermaids professional PADI diving instructor internships will train you to professional diver in an all-inclusive and comprehensive package. All you need to do is have fun and concentrate on the training.