Facts about Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand

Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya

Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand:

Mermaids was created in 1992 by the one time youngest PADI course director in the world. The late Stephen Blumenthal – renowned in South East Asia had taught over 1100 IDC students. Steve built the incredible Professional Diving Internships that continue in his name.

Our immediate location is a perfect training ground for professional divers. With differing conditions around the varied sites it can be a challenge. You’ll experience high and low vis, slack and ripping currents, deep and shallow dives, coral and wrecks. We have 4 wrecks on our doorstep that we dive daily.

The dive facilities are specifically set up to operate dive internships.

Dive Facilities:

  • PADI Pro Dive Career Development Center (PADI CDC)
  • 3 Privately owned Dive Boats giving a wide selection of dive sites daily.
  • FULLY stocked dive center with all many major brands.
  • 2 FULL-TIME in-house PADI Course Directors (PADI Platinum Course Director)
  • Fully equipped service center catering for all manufacturers and models of diving equipment.
  • Diver Accommodation 30 seconds walk from Mermaids front door.
  • 3 Classrooms with digital learning aids.
  • Awarded environmental achievement for pro-activeness in awareness.
  • Project AWARE Go-Eco awarded dive center.
  • DPV (Drive / diver propulsion vehicles).
  • English, South African, Thai, Russian, American, Japanese, New Zealander staff.
  • Dive classes are kept to to low diver / instructor ratios unless they need to be for training purposes. Small dive training classes are standard. Private dive tuition (1-2-1 tuition) is available on request.


  • 200 Bar oxygen and helium booster pump.
  • Nitrox and Trimix diving capabilities with a superbly designed and well presented air and mixed gas filling station (helium ready).
  • PADI Tec Rec (DSAT) facilities – Tec Recreational and Technical Diving Instructor courses.
  • Compressor Strip Down and Engine maintenance training.
  • Diesel Engine Strip Down / rebuild training.
  • Mermaids Dive Center PattayaIn-house Hydrostatic and Visual Tank Testing (including the new Visual Plus Electronic Testing Equipment).
  • Mermaid’s Air complies with the Divers breathing air requirements of the following international standards:- CGA Grade-E ( USA Standard), EN12021  (New European Standard), S4275 (British Standard), DIN3188 (German standard) & AS/NZS 2299.1 (Australian standard).
  • ASSET (Association of Scuba Service and Engineers and Technicians) – Training Courses. Mermaids dive center was the first in Asia to offer Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians training.
  • Utilizing Draeger Technology Safety Equipment allows Mermaids to ensure that ALL Mermaid’s Air passes ALL Purity Tests including Humidity.
  • Full Face Mask specialty with Underwater Communications Diver Course within the internships.


  • The Very First Scuba Diving Internships in existence – created at Mermaids in 1999. More experience in operating internships than all other dive centers world-wide.
  • The first PADI CDC (Career Development Center) between Bangkok and Cambodia. PADI recognized Mermaids for our exemplary dedication to Professional Dive Career Development.
  • Vast international network of dive industry contacts for dive jobs and careers in scuba.
  • Mermaids is the largest diving operation on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.
  • 365 Dive Day Season.


Check out Mermaids Intern Movie made by one of our interns. This gives a little insight into the Mermaids Diving Life Programs operated in sunny Jomtien, Thailand. See what the guys have to say for themselves…



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