Dive Master Internship

In 1999 Mermaids Dive Centre created the Worlds first Dive Master Internship. The diving industry required a more professional approach to the training of a dive pro and we took the lead. Diving instructor internships followed allowing Dive Masters to progress into scuba diving instruction seamlessly.

All of Mermaids scuba diving internships are FULLY inclusive of agency fees, unlimited diving, full equipment (to keep), dive courses, training, materials and accommodation. Being ALL-Inclusive allows you the professional diver in training to concentrate solely on education and experience. We want you to become the very best diving pro possible and enjoy a wonderful life working in the scuba industry.

Located in Thailand Mermaids offer Dive Master and Dive Instructor training 365 days per year. With a year-long diving season we’re well placed to receive divers any time that is convenient to them. The local diving creates a perfect training ground with several penetrable ship wrecks, deep and shallow coral dives, slack and ripping currents – we have a wide range of diving experiences on our doorstep.

Diving internships allow you the ‘wet-side’ training in order to be a diving professional. Additionally Mermaids operate dry-side scuba repair training in the form of dive equipment maintenance and servicing. We offer a Scuba Engineer Internship that includes diving equipment, compressor strip down, engine rebuild, scuba tank testing and much more. Dry-Side scuba skills are looked at by diving employers very favourably.

If you are looking to become the very best dive pro possible then Mermaids can assist you with your dream. It is our goal to make you as employable as possible as a diver and work prepared. Mermaids have hundreds of ex-interns working throughout the world within the diving industry.

Facts about Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand

Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya

Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand:

Mermaids was founded in 1992 by the one time youngest PADI course director in the world. The late Stephen Blumenthal – renowned in South East Asia had taught over 1100 IDC students. Steve built the incredible Professional Diving Internships with that continue in his name at Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya.

Our immediate location is a perfect training ground for professional divers. With differing conditions around the varied sites it can be a challenge. You’ll experience high and low vis, slack and ripping currents, deep and shallow dives, coral and wrecks. We have 4 wrecks on our doorstep that we dive daily.

The Mermaids dive center Pattaya facilities are specifically set up to operate dive internships.

Dive Facilities:

  • PADI Pro Dive Career Development Center (PADI CDC)
  • 3 Privately owned Dive Boats giving a wide selection of dive sites daily.
  • FULLY stocked dive center with all many major brands.
  • 2 FULL-TIME in-house PADI Course Directors (PADI Platinum Course Director)
  • Fully equipped service center catering for all manufacturers and models of diving equipment.
  • Diver Accommodation 30 seconds walk from Mermaids front door.
  • 3 Classrooms with digital learning aids.
  • Awarded environmental achievement for pro-activeness in awareness.
  • Project AWARE Go-Eco awarded dive center.
  • DPV (Drive / diver propulsion vehicles).
  • English, South African, Thai, Russian, American, Japanese, New Zealander staff.
  • Dive classes are kept to to low diver / instructor ratios unless they need to be for training purposes. Small dive training classes are standard. Private dive tuition (1-2-1 tuition) is available on request.


  • 200 Bar oxygen and helium booster pump.
  • Nitrox and Trimix diving capabilities with a superbly designed and well presented air and mixed gas filling station (helium ready).
  • PADI Tec Rec (DSAT) facilities – Tec Recreational and Tec Diving Instructor courses.
  • Compressor Strip Down and Engine maintenance training.
  • Diesel Engine Strip Down / rebuild training.
  • Mermaids Dive Center PattayaIn-house Hydrostatic and Visual Tank Testing (including the new Visual Plus Electronic Testing Equipment).
  • Mermaid’s Air complies with the Divers breathing air requirements of the following international standards:- CGA Grade-E ( USA Standard), EN12021  (New European Standard), S4275 (British Standard), DIN3188 (German standard) & AS/NZS 2299.1 (Australian standard).
  • ASSET (Association of Scuba Service and Engineers and Technicians) – Training Courses. Mermaids dive center was the first in Asia to offer Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians training.
  • Utilizing Draeger Technology Safety Equipment allows Mermaids to ensure that ALL Mermaid’s Air passes ALL Purity Tests including Humidity.
  • Full Face Mask specialty with Underwater Communications Diver Course within the internships.
  • Offer FULL Equipment maintenance / Compressor / Engine Strip Down and Rebuild training.


  • The Very First Scuba Diving Internships in existence – created at Mermaids in 1999. More experience in operating internships than all other dive centers world-wide.
  • The first PADI CDC (Career Development Center) between Bangkok and Cambodia. PADI recognized Mermaids for our exemplary dedication to Professional Dive Career Development.
  • Vast international network of dive industry contacts for dive jobs and careers in scuba.
  • BAUER Service Technician Certification – Our technician facilities are used by Bauer for training and qualification.
  • Mermaids is the largest diving operation on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.
  • 365 Dive Day Season.


Check out Mermaids Intern Movie made by one of our interns. This gives a little insight into the Mermaids Diving Life Programs operated in sunny Jomtien, Thailand. See what the guys have to say for themselves…



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