Dive Instructor Internship

Does the boulder cove and beach here in Thailand look more appealing than the inside of your office right now? Obviously a rhetorical question Mermaid’s Scuba Diving Internship in tropical Thailand can allow you the opportunity to make the beach your office for a training period, or if you wish for a complete change of life then possibly for a lifetime. Dive interns that dive train with Mermaids range from gap year students to corporate professionals taking a career break diving here in sunny Thailand. Scuba diving instructor training is what Mermaids Dive Career Development Center specialize in.

Scuba diving internships are what Mermaids specialize in although we offer a range of diving internship programs. Dive training internships – we have aplenty that can be tailored to your dive training needs. We realize that everyone has different schedules due to career breaks, work commitments, work schedules or different goals in diving that they have set.

Charity Golfing Challenge

Charity Golfing Challenge

Beat The Golf Pro Challenge

Charity Golfing Day in Pattaya, Thailand

Mermaids sponsored Golf Pro Andrew Scaife Charity Beat the Golf Pro – Thailand Mermaids Dive Center sponsored the golf professional Andrew Scaife whom teamed up with his work colleague Tyrone Renglli to raise money on the charity driven “beat the golf pro challenge”. Andrew teaches professionally at TPR Golf Academy in Pattaya, Thailand.

The format for the charity golfing day was team texas scramble. This meant that both professional golfers played against determined competitors as a foursome ball (playing alternate shots). There were some winners on the day that managed to collect a prize at the end of the hole and walk to the next tee with their heads held high. Everyone enjoyed the fun of playing against two professionals. The day was a great success, ran very smoothly and saw many happy faces in the clubhouse after enjoying some food and drinks. The professionals managed to raise 17,100 Thai baht throughout the day contributing to a total of around 500,000 bht (approximately £10,000 / $16,000 US) for the Camillian Charity.

Charity Golfing Challenge Andrew-Skaife

TPR provide their students with the best golf mats world wide (TrueStrike), fully adjustable mirrosrs on rolls, a shaded putting and chipping area, so you can keep your head cool and focus better, our very own Swing Vision Analyzer, Explanar Swing guide, and lots of other gadgets and gizmos. The TPR “Chill out Zones” to fully relax during your break. Simply put; This is THE place to be and to improve your golf game in Thailand.

Mermaids Dive Center Pattaya, Thailand sponsor some sports that we like to follow and participate in outside of scuba diving. Mermaids have sponsored football teams, golf pros, motorcycle teams and more. For further details on Mermaids sponsorships and team affiliates please contact.