Dive Master Internship

In 1999 Mermaids Dive Centre created the Worlds first Dive Master Internship. The diving industry required a more professional approach to the training of a dive pro and we took the lead. Diving instructor internships followed allowing Dive Masters to progress into scuba diving instruction seamlessly.

All of Mermaids scuba diving internships are FULLY inclusive of agency fees, unlimited diving, full equipment (to keep), dive courses, training, materials and accommodation. Being ALL-Inclusive allows you the professional diver in training to concentrate solely on education and experience. We want you to become the very best diving pro possible and enjoy a wonderful life working in the scuba industry.

Located in Thailand Mermaids offer Dive Master and Dive Instructor training 365 days per year. With a year-long diving season we’re well placed to receive divers any time that is convenient to them. The local diving creates a perfect training ground with several penetrable ship wrecks, deep and shallow coral dives, slack and ripping currents – we have a wide range of diving experiences on our doorstep.

Diving internships allow you the ‘wet-side’ training in order to be a diving professional. Additionally Mermaids operate dry-side scuba repair training in the form of dive equipment maintenance and servicing. We offer a Scuba Engineer Internship that includes diving equipment, compressor strip down, engine rebuild, scuba tank testing and much more. Dry-Side scuba skills are looked at by diving employers very favourably.

If you are looking to become the very best dive pro possible then Mermaids can assist you with your dream. It is our goal to make you as employable as possible as a diver and work prepared. Mermaids have hundreds of ex-interns working throughout the world within the diving industry.

The no moon party Pattaya Thailand

The no moon party Pattaya Thailand

The no moon party Pattaya Thailand

By: Diederik Beker, IDC-Staff Instructor: 259746

A couple of days ago someone told me about a new event that Mermaids dive centre would be hosting. The events at Mermaids are always interesting so I decided to visit the dive centre and have a look. As soon as I heard what the event was I had signed up within a few seconds. This was going to be awesome!

The people are all excited as I look around the dive centre. There is one sentence that keeps on reappearing: “This night is going to be awesome!” And as we later found out, it was. Preparing for the day by loading up the bus everyone is helping out, they want to get to the boat as fast as possible and start the day of diving, or rather ‘the night of diving’. Everybody is talking about the night’s events and as people run in between the dive centre and 7-eleven, getting supplies to keep them awake during the night, the excitement rises with every minute. After driving down to the boat and loading everything on, the boats engines spring to life and everyone knows that there is no turning back. As we see the pier disappear into the horizon behind us we are told what the night is going to bring us.

No Moon Party Pattaya - night diving funDiving a wreck on itself is very exciting, but probably the most exciting event of this night is diving a wreck when it is almost dark. Dropping down into the water everything already seems darker then normal. Now descending to the HTMS Khram which lies in twenty-seven meters of seawater it gets darker every meter. With a torch in hand, me and my buddy explore the wreck. I thought that I knew this wreck seen as I have dived it quite a few times. But now without light I feel like I have no idea where I am. As the sun continues to fall, fish that you don’t see during the day appear from dark corners and the outline of the wreck disappears into the night. Me and my buddy finish our dive when we reach one of the set limits and we start to make our ascent. On our three minute safety stop the last rays of sun disappear and the night is completely upon us. This was only one of the three dives that we did that night. The other two dives were done on the beautiful island ‘Koh Man Wichai’, at midnight and at four AM. As we get ready for our second and third dive, everyone is psyched about diving in the middle of the night. They don their equipment and switch on their torches. As me and my buddy jump in the water my eyes try to adjust as fast as they can, but it takes a while before I can clearly see. Now being able to see what lies beneath the surface of the ocean at night I am amazing about the variety of creatures once again. At first a Cuttlefish swims by only half a meter in front of my mask and I feel like I am in a National Geographic Documentary. Not long after countless Starfish are spotted on the sand beneath me and some Blue Spotted Rays fly by. Also spotted by another buddy team is a Bamboo Shark swimming around. Coming up from the dives everyone is excitedly talking to each other about what they saw.

As we do dives at six PM, midnight and four AM obviously there is quite a bit of time in between. But for not one second did I have the feeling that anyone was bored, at least I wasn’t. In between the first two dives we watch some movies and documentaries about diving wrecks and about people making fifteen hour decompression dives. Being quite pleased with the fact that I do not dive for that long at once our food is served. This time it is our usual food cooked by our lovely on board cook. After dinner some of the guys decide to go for a swim and me and a friend grab the DPV laying at the back of the boat. With our mask on and snorkel in we drive to the island. Looking down the DPV an amazing sight appears. The bio-luminescence is everywhere as the motion of the propeller makes it light up. We spin around in circles for about fifteen minutes before we decide it is time to head back. In between the second and third dive we have an amazing barbecue with hotdogs and hamburgers. After having eaten some of the guys fall asleep. The others linger in groups having conversations and some try to find fishing rods to go on a fishing expedition.

As the no moon party Pattaya comes to an end, the sun begins to rise again almost everyone is asleep. Since I am still awake I cannot help myself but take pictures of everyone sleeping and the funny expressions that most of them have. Getting back to port everyone starts waking up and people rush downstairs to pack away their equipment. Getting back to the dive centre everyone slowly disappears to bed. The few words that are spoken are “That was awesome” and “I told you that was going to be great!”. Definitely an event that is up for repetition.