Dive Master Internship

In 1999 Mermaids Dive Centre created the Worlds first Dive Master Internship. The diving industry required a more professional approach to the training of a dive pro and we took the lead. Diving instructor internships followed allowing Dive Masters to progress into scuba diving instruction seamlessly.

All of Mermaids scuba diving internships are FULLY inclusive of agency fees, unlimited diving, full equipment (to keep), dive courses, training, materials and accommodation. Being ALL-Inclusive allows you the professional diver in training to concentrate solely on education and experience. We want you to become the very best diving pro possible and enjoy a wonderful life working in the scuba industry.

Located in Thailand Mermaids offer Dive Master and Dive Instructor training 365 days per year. With a year-long diving season we’re well placed to receive divers any time that is convenient to them. The local diving creates a perfect training ground with several penetrable ship wrecks, deep and shallow coral dives, slack and ripping currents – we have a wide range of diving experiences on our doorstep.

Diving internships allow you the ‘wet-side’ training in order to be a diving professional. Additionally Mermaids operate dry-side scuba repair training in the form of dive equipment maintenance and servicing. We offer a Scuba Engineer Internship that includes diving equipment, compressor strip down, engine rebuild, scuba tank testing and much more. Dry-Side scuba skills are looked at by diving employers very favourably.

If you are looking to become the very best dive pro possible then Mermaids can assist you with your dream. It is our goal to make you as employable as possible as a diver and work prepared. Mermaids have hundreds of ex-interns working throughout the world within the diving industry.

Padi Award us thai navy league award

Padi Award us thai navy league award

Mermaids Awards in 2007

PADI Asia Pacific held its third Member Social which took place in conjunction with the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX)
2007 to ensure maximum PADI Member participation. The PADI Asia Pacific member social was designed to emphasize the members’ contribution towards the dive industry success and the highlight of the evening was the Member Awards Ceremony.

The member social included a cocktail reception, and provided the perfect opportunity for PADI Members, Staff and Key Industry Stakeholders to network.

PADI Asia Pacific also took the opportunity to present some of the latest developments and news such as Assignment Member First, the new dive eLearning program, Diver Acquisition & Retention Toolkit, Go DIVE! DVD and the launch of the Go Pro Challenge.

PADI Asia Pacific recognized Mermaids CDC for our Outstanding Contribution to Diver Acquisition & Retention. Mermaids enjoys many new divers through the programs each year but a very high percentage are returning divers to upgrade their dive training. Almost 25% of the divers that come through the program return to Mermaids for further training in different diving areas. Whether this is to upgrade from Divemaster to Scuba Instructor or take dive career development courses such as the MSDT or the PADI staff instructor – Mermaids has been catering for all.

Almost 10% of the divers that come through to Mermaids for dive career training are word of mouth and have been associated to a previous diver at Mermaids that has spoken of the program.

Mermaids Dive Career Development Center were also nominated for the Dive Instructor Development Award. This is in recognition for outstanding commitment and achievements in Instructor Development.

Awards seem to be in the air for the first part of 2007. The Month of May saw a further award from the US Navy League of Thailand. Stephen Blumenthal was a long time serving member of the Navy League as is Steve Burton of Mermaids.

Community Affiliates belong to one of the most active and widely respected associations in the country representing “Citizens in Support of the Sea Services.”

For many years the US Navy has seen Mermaids as a great supporter of the US Navy arrivals during their time in Pattaya, Thailand. Mermaids are an active Sponsor of the US Navy League.

The objective and purpose of the Navy League is educational and motivational. To acquire and display before the citizens of the US information as to the conditions of our naval and maritime forces. The Navy League offers support in all matters which aid our maritime capabilities. To this end, the Navy League works closely with the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and US-flag Merchant Marine through a network of over 277 councils in the United States and around the world. The Navy League has nearly 66,000 active members.

Navy League Councils:

Navy League Councils support active duty military personnel through “adoption” of ships, installations, and units; commissioning ceremonies; award programs; and other recognition programs.

Individual Councils:

The heart of the Navy League is the individual council. Councils are located across the United States and around the world. Councils are essential to meeting the mission and goals of the Navy League because citizen patriots involved in council activities serve to:

  • Educate community leaders about the importance of Sea Power to our nation’s survival and continued prosperity
  • Directly support the men and women serving in the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine
  • Support Sea Service family members – the parents, spouses, children and other relatives of service members; and
  • Support the youth of our communities by giving time, talent and money to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Naval & Marine Corps Junior  ROTC units.

Navy League councils bring to life the motto …”Citizens in Support of the Sea Services”.

Mermaids Dive Center wishes to extend it’s arms to the US Navy League and the serving personnel of all US Services in Thailand.