Dive Instructor Internship

Does the boulder cove and beach here in Thailand look more appealing than the inside of your office right now? Obviously a rhetorical question Mermaid’s Scuba Diving Internship in tropical Thailand can allow you the opportunity to make the beach your office for a training period, or if you wish for a complete change of life then possibly for a lifetime. Dive interns that dive train with Mermaids range from gap year students to corporate professionals taking a career break diving here in sunny Thailand. Scuba diving instructor training is what Mermaids Dive Career Development Center specialize in.

Scuba diving internships are what Mermaids specialize in although we offer a range of diving internship programs. Dive training internships – we have aplenty that can be tailored to your dive training needs. We realize that everyone has different schedules due to career breaks, work commitments, work schedules or different goals in diving that they have set.

PADI CD Terry Wilkins

PADI CD Terry Wilkins resident at Mermaids CDC Pattaya Thailand

PADI CD Terry Wilkins

PADI CD Terry Wilkins – New Course Director

Congratulations to PADI CD Terry Wilkins for successfully passed his PADI Course Director Training in Malaysia. It’s a huge milestone for any PADI Instructor to reach this level in Dive Certification and we are really proud of him.

A little history PADI CD Terry Wilkins:

Terry arrived as s dive intern with his wonderful wife Sheena in 2004. Both arrived as Advanced divers and quite some diving experience in different locations. From intern they through to PADI MSDT and PADI Staff Instructors on completion. The moment the internship completed they found work operating two dive centres in Cyprus, which they did very successfully.

After the sad passing of Mermaids pioneer Steve Blumenthal in 2006 we strived to get Terry and Sheena back to Mermaids. Having arrived trained so well and clearly been successful in Cyprus – it was a no brainer that they should manage Mermaids. They knew the dive centre inside out having trained for eighteen months . They arrived back to Mermaids in 2007 and have done an incredible job with the centre. Terry has a lot of strings to his bow and a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He has some significant technical diving experience also in Trimix and rebreather.

Now Mermaids are proud to have another resident PADI CD of Mermaids and part of the furniture.

With the efforts that Terry has put into Mermaids with the full support of Sheena, we now refer to Tezzer happily as PADI CD Terry Wilkins.

Terry is huge on green issues. Certified as a 100% Project Aware Partner and hence keep an eye out for his reef clean up events. Terry operates huge clean up days with some having over 300 participant divers and snorkelers.

Again, well done PADI CD Terry Wilkins for alll of your accomplishments!