PADI Renewal Fees

PADI Renewal Fees

The 2012/2013 PADI Asia Pacific (AP) insurance program fell due for renewal on 30 September 2012. We recently notified all PADI AP Members of the policy availability but our records show thatyou do not have a current Combined Liability insurance policy.  We encourage all PADI AP members to go to and activate your policy as soon as possible.




 PRRA Member


 Group PRRA Member




 Divemasters / AI’s


The above premiums include all charges and fees.  PADI AP Insurance cannot be Automatically Renewed and must be renewed or effected each policy period. 

Dive Injury & Evacuation Insurance is also available for PADI members through a separate policy. This product is used to assist PADI professionals for injuries sustained whilst participating in scuba diving related activities. Please visit for further information.

Please note that PADI AP is not and does not represent itself as a licensed insurance broker by endorsing the Willis insurance products.  If you have any insurance related queries, please direct them to the PADI AP Insurance Service Team at Willis – or ph: +61 2 9285 4111 or Toll Free 1300 945 547 (Australia only). PADI AP membership queries can be directed or Phone +61 2 9454-2903.

Best Regards from,

PADI Asia Pacific Customer Service Team