Dive Master Internship

In 1999 Mermaids Dive Centre created the Worlds first Dive Master Internship. The diving industry required a more professional approach to the training of a dive pro and we took the lead. Diving instructor internships followed allowing Dive Masters to progress into scuba diving instruction seamlessly.

All of Mermaids scuba diving internships are FULLY inclusive of agency fees, unlimited diving, full equipment (to keep), dive courses, training, materials and accommodation. Being ALL-Inclusive allows you the professional diver in training to concentrate solely on education and experience. We want you to become the very best diving pro possible and enjoy a wonderful life working in the scuba industry.

Located in Thailand Mermaids offer Dive Master and Dive Instructor training 365 days per year. With a year-long diving season we’re well placed to receive divers any time that is convenient to them. The local diving creates a perfect training ground with several penetrable ship wrecks, deep and shallow coral dives, slack and ripping currents – we have a wide range of diving experiences on our doorstep.

Diving internships allow you the ‘wet-side’ training in order to be a diving professional. Additionally Mermaids operate dry-side scuba repair training in the form of dive equipment maintenance and servicing. We offer a Scuba Engineer Internship that includes diving equipment, compressor strip down, engine rebuild, scuba tank testing and much more. Dry-Side scuba skills are looked at by diving employers very favourably.

If you are looking to become the very best dive pro possible then Mermaids can assist you with your dream. It is our goal to make you as employable as possible as a diver and work prepared. Mermaids have hundreds of ex-interns working throughout the world within the diving industry.


Learn In Asia Testimonials

Dive Master Internship Thailand / Learn In Asia Testimonials

Each Mermaids intern that we have here in Pattaya, Thailand all have a great time combined with 1st class dive training. The camaraderie here is superb and many have made friends for life. The vast majority of our diving students come back to visit us on holiday or for additional training. It is fine for me to tell you this time and time how wonderful the training is however please check out some of the testimonials from the actual interns.

All testimonials are written by interns. The dive interns here have complete freedom to write what-ever they wish.

Living the Dream!

It's funny I remember Jason always saying he wanted to go live in a small beach hut on an island and teach diving. I could never really see myself doing that I thought I would get so bored. But now here I am if I'm not on the boat looking at clear blue water from the beach to a dive site then I am sat outside the shop looking at the clear water from the shore. It reminds me so much of the Similans..... only I haven't seen any Manta ray yet!!!!!! On my first dive here however I saw 4 white tips and an eagle ray so that was cool. Anyway back to what I was saying I didn't really know how to put in to words my experience in Thailand but now I have come here I realize how much my time there meant to me. It's very strange to leave that whole environment and I do miss it. My boss here is fascinated by my whole experience there and the more I talk about I realize that it was an experience and I will never forget it or the people that i met. It has also helped me to get here. I would never of dreamed a year ago I would be sitting on the beach front every morning and diving every day and only a 30 min boat ride from Bali. I just can't get over it.


Instructor Exam in Pattaya

What I can say about Mermaids for any prospective interns is that after recently passing my Instructor Exam in Pattaya having learned everything at Mermaids from Open Water through to Instructor, I have to say that it is extremely great value for money and it is an experience I can never regret. The school enabled me to pass my exams on my first attempt with brilliant results which has been a real confidence booster for myself, not only regarding diving but also as part of life in general. I had the best time in my life whilst I was in Pattaya! The school has great variation regarding dive sites as there are plenty of boats to choose from running daily. The food on the boats is always tasty and the Chicken is more than good. The equipment you get as part of your course is great, considering you get all your books you need to complete your courses, and all your course fees paid as part of the package, not forgetting your really nice apartment for 6 months, when doing the math you can only come to the conclusion that you are 100% getting great value for money. If you are thinking about becoming a diving instructor, Mermaids won''t fail your expectations. It's well worth doing it there!

A Hanson

Arrived for 3 months - Stayed for 6 months

After much internet research we contacted Mermaids to inquire about a divemaster intern program, we received prompt and informative replies to all our questions, we also stopped by the centre on a quick visit and after seeing the operation and diving with the mermaids staff we were sold! We came to Mermaids initially for 3 months (that was 6 months ago) and after completing our DM course, we decided to stay for open water instructor training. The training at mermaids really is fantastic and having now successfully completed our OWSI training we decided to stay just a little bit longer to become specialty instructors. Not bad considering we only ever intended to be DMs! We'll have to leave mermaids eventually but will certainly come back again, its been a great experience!!

Jo and Guy

Fantastic value for money. As an intern who is looking to work in the industry, Mermaids have given me every opportunity to gain invaluable experience

Gareth Leek

This is the second time I have been to Mermaids first was to do the Divemaster course which was very good and now the second which I have just done was OWSI!! all courses a taught to a very hi in the sky standard, the Course Directors, well they are the best around that’s for sure so Hats off to you Russell and Desi!! It’s been a pleasure to be part of Mermaids and I am sure I will be back!!

Jon Canada

Thought I’d better send something to you even though I must have told you a million times what a great time I had, I know it will sound biased but what the hell, it’s all true. OK, so if you’re reading this you’re either and old intern in which case hello and hope you’re doing great, or you’re thinking about joining PJ and Mermaids. I’m really not sure where to start because I just had the best time ever doing my training in Pattaya. The school and the instructors there are 1st class, and I’ve found out just how good they are since I’ve started working as an instructor myself (so to all the instructors, I owe you a huge thank you,). I was in Pattaya for about 8 months and didn’t want to leave, I joined as an open water diver and ended up an instructor (many thanks again to the instructors on my IDC, especially Claus who made me do the presentations even though I hated them). I am now working in Cyprus and have realized how lucky I was to get the training I did from all at Mermaids. If you’re reading the LIA website and thinking that it all sounds too good to be true then you’re right, it does sound that way, but everything on this website is 100% true, it is the most unbelievable deal and I have to thank PJ and SB1 again for making it such a great course. I’m trying to write this without sounding biased but I can’t so if you do decide to hand over your cash and move half way around the world I can guarantee you a few things from Mermaids and PJ: 1, you will have the time of your life, and you will not regret one single minute. 2, you will meet some of the best people you could ever wish to meet, lifelong friends. 3, you will work hard and have fun, but the training you get will be first class. 4, you’ll find out what PJ means when he says “do you fancy meeting up for a couple of quiet drinks” J 5, you either end up staying longer than you planned or going back there, or like in my case, both.

PADI OWSI and Master Scuba Diver Trainer Student Mermaids Pattaya

It's been 2 years since I finally completed my OWSI/MSDT intern training with Mermaids (I was one of those repeat offenders that just kept coming back!!). Having now worked in the "real world" diving industry I cannot thank the amazing crew at Mermaids enough. I believe that you offer the best diver internship going around. Several instructors I have worked with since have completed what is billed as "zero to hero" internships yet none of them have come out of their program with the kind of hands on experience and skills that I gained working under the likes of Russell, Desi, Ian B and Slinky and the awesome support staff at Mermaids. I came out of the program confident in my abilities as an instructor and actually able to not only comfortably teach the courses I have been trained for but deal with damn near every problem a diver can come up with. I have now worked in what I believe to be one of the toughest sectors in the industry - Cruise Ship Passengers - and despite everything they have thrown at me, (ohh the stories I could tell you!!), my confidence in the skills taught to me at Mermaids and my ability to deal with problems has never wavered. My passion for teaching and continuing my own diver education is still as strong as it was the day I left Thailand and I believe that this is due to the strong foundation that came from my time at Mermaids. So again I cannot thank you guys enough!!!! Best Fishes & Happy Bubbles!!

Jeni Chapman PADI MSDT#487208

OWSI Trainee Pattaya Mermaids

Hi Peter, Steve, Carl and the whole gang!!!!! Finally, I’ll be returning to Mermaids to continue my training!! I have now dived in Fujairah, UAE and Ocho Rios, Jamaica and I can say without hesitation, that the training I received and the dive professionalism demonstrated by all at Mermaids has yet to be surpassed! I truly want to thank you for setting and maintaining such a high standard. My dive “habits” were complimented on by staff at both locations and I was proud to tell them where I received my training.

Frank P.

Mermaids Intern now working in Diving

I am now working in the Dominican Republic for Dressel Divers and having a good time. My first certifications have gone through, I´m learning a lot but am at a good level for a newbie instructor. Thanks to you, Klaus, Tom and Russel. I´m a happy man.

Marc Nuitjen

Working in Diving!

I just wanted to write and say thank you. So I'm in Koh Tao and found a great dive center to work at and have been working pretty much every day since I left you. So having been doing this a while now and I have started to appreciate what you do for trainee instructors a lot more. Especially for the intern divers going from zero to hero. For example I was asked to do a search and recovery work shop for the dmt's, I thought that meant teaching them everything I know about s and r. When I was told I could only teach them what was in the standards because if they want to learn more they have to pay to do the whole course I was a little annoyed, I thought they had already paid to become professionals and have all the knowledge a professional should have. Apparently I'm wrong, and this is where giving us all the specs for msd and more I think is a great thing you do. Another thing was it was evident was from the moment you got us your teaching was gearing us for our IE. And it is now clear you do want to send out instructors that you can be proud of. So now with a better understand of the trade and what I went through I would like to say thank you, and can you thank the instructors that put their time, effort, patience and understand in helping me. Russell, Desi, Andy, Andy, Phil, John and many more. Thanks again

Mark C