Thailand International School Diving Update

Thailand International School Diving Update

St. Andrews School scuba diving in Pattaya Thailand

Congratulations to eight new PADI Open Water scuba divers from St Andrews School in Rayong, near Pattaya in Thailand. The dedicated dive students attended scuba class and pool sessions after school lessons in May and completed their actual Open Water Dives on 23rd June 2013.

Well done to Bangkok Patana School for the taking part in their 4th year of cleaning up the reef at Koh Sak on the 24th June (marine enviromentally aware kids!). The scuba divers and snorkelers made short work of cleaning up the reef of this beautiful island. The most common item found was polystyrene that filled approximately 10 bags. Look forward to seeing the International students again next year … if not before!

scuba diving students of Bangkok Pattana School Thailand

Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok Thailand completed their Marine Project on the 27th June. Learning about the underwater environment, 9 dive students each completed the PADI Open Water Course, Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty and the Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation specialty. Congratulations to all these diving students for their dedication and commitment to the underwater environment.

Scuba divers from Ruamrudee International School Bangkok

Happy summer holidays to all Bangkok and Pattaya International School children … you lucky devils!