Wreck Diving Pattaya with Mermaids Dive

Mermaids Pattaya Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving Pattaya with Mermaids Dive

Wreck Diving Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Bay and Samesan – Wrecks On Our Doorstep

For all of you rust lovers top of the list of dive trips in Pattaya and Samaesan has got to be the 4 superb shipwrecks.

The HTMS Khram, her sister ships the HTMS Khut and the Matapon, decommissioned warships were sunk by the Royal Thai Navy as artificial reefs in the Pattaya area. Sunk around the mid nineties coral growth and marine life on all of the wrecks is now thriving.

The Hardeep wreck is located in Same San, a small fishing port approximately 30 mites south of Pattaya bay. The wrecks is a 60 meter long cargo ship sunk during the World War II. Divers with appropriate rust training can penetrate this ship from bow to stern. Mermaids Dive Center dive the Hardeep wreck and the surrounding islands on a daily basis.

wreck diving pattaya

The local Pattaya shipwrecks are ideal for continuing your dive training with the PADI Advanced wreck segment or the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty. The PADI Advanced Course gives a simple taster of wreck diving where as the PADI specialty course goes much more in depth into the realm of wreck diving. During the training navigating a wreck, equipment configuration, equipment concerns and penetration possibilities are covered. There’s a lot more to wrecks that rusty nuts and bolts. They can have some great marine life supported on them as completely self contained eco-systems.  You get to explore a mini reef each time you dive a  mature wreck.

The Petchburi Bremen is an old freighter sunk in 21 meters of water in the Khram Channel (Sattahip) and is subject to diving conditions. We strive to operate dive trips to the Bremen any time that the conditions allow.

Please note that all wrecks are suitable for divers with an Advanced Open Water Diver Certification (or any other training agency equivalent), due to the depth limit. If you would like to take part in an adventure dive, please contact us for more information.